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SEO Agency, Manchester: The Key to Unlocking Local Online Success

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable SEO agency in Manchester, look no further than Koozai. Our team of growth-driven digital marketing experts is dedicated to helping businesses in Manchester improve their online visibility and drive more traffic, leads, and sales to their websites.

At Koozai, we understand that every business is unique and has different needs. That’s why we start by conducting thorough research to understand your business, your target audience, and your competitors. From there, we develop a customised seo strategy that is tailored to your specific goals and requirements.

As an early pioneer in the SEO game, we have earned an enviable reputation in the industry and have a proven track record of delivering impressive results for both challenger brands and industry-leading companies in Manchester and beyond.

We are an experienced SEO Agency servicing businesses in Manchester, meaning that our inhouse team are skilled at creating and implementing successful SEO strategies that give your website the best opportunity to rank above your competitors in search engines. In addition to driving relevant traffic to your website from search engines using all the latest SEO strategies, our focus is also on helping you to generate valuable leads for your business.

Not only that, but our results-focused SEO specialists for Manchester bring a diverse range of SEO experience and expertise to our team – making us the ideal partner to help your company get seen and found at the top of search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO In Manchester & Further Afield

We are proud to service a plethora of happy clients based in Manchester and across the country.

Our team of SEO experts are always growing and work both remotely and from our regional hubs.

The Koozai Approach to SEO

While our SEO team in Manchester thrives on driving relevant traffic to your website, our ultimate goal is to get you more customers online and to drive leads and enquiries to your business.

SEO is a fast-paced industry, so our experienced SEO team undergo regular training and we place a high value on personal development. This ensures that our SEO experts remain knowledgeable and keep up to date with all the latest SEO developments.

Our diverse team and long history in the SEO world also mean that we’re bound to have valuable SEO experience in your industry too. Over the years we have nurtured long relationships with valued clients and have worked with companies both big and small across industries ranging from construction, finance and travel to technology, ecommerce, and healthcare (to name only a few).

Every client matters to us at Koozai, so when you work with us, we will listen to your needs and put together a bespoke team of dedicated specialists that’s tailored for you and based on your objectives.

Why Use Koozai your SEO Agency for Manchester?

The benefit of using an experienced SEO Agency like Koozai for your Manchester business is that you will have access to a team of SEO, content, PR and link building specialists who bring a range of different skills and expertise to your account. Modern digital marketing and great SEO requires multiple skill sets, and favours a blend of technical SEO, content, and PR expertise over a smaller pool of SEO skills that you might get with a single freelancer or inhouse marketer.

As an award-winning SEO agency we also have access to a large array of tools, resources and strategies that can help elevate your brand above others in search engines. That is why our approach is collaborative, with our organic search team working together to ensure the best possible SEO strategy for your website.

Drive new leads with targeted SEO

Whatever industry you work in, we are willing to bet our bottom dollar that a huge bulk of your target market turns to search engines like Google to find relevant products and information first. It’s no secret that buying patterns continue to change to mobile and online, even in the most traditional of sectors. Our experienced search specialists live and breathe SEO. They are also experts at helping to turn those online searches into leads for your business. So, if you want to find out the size of a potential target market online, then get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Access diverse SEO specialists, expertise and resources

The benefit of hiring Koozai over a freelancer or inhouse specialist is the diverse breadth of experience and skills that we can offer. Many heads and skillsets are better than one, and we’ll work together to get the most out of your SEO strategy. Not only that, but as an award-winning SEO agency we also have access to a large array of tools, resources and strategies that others don’t, enabling us to help elevate your brand above others in search engines.

Learn about your online customers

Using a leading SEO agency like Koozai isn’t just about driving relevant traffic, search visibility and leads to your business. Through our tools and resources, we have access to a larger volume of data on how your target audience is using search engines. This allows us to work with you to make more informed decisions about your website, products and services overall.

Building a trusted brand online

Google rewards the best and the only way to the top of organic search listings in search engines is through hard work, merit and top-quality SEO and content. Being a top-ranked site in Google doesn’t just mean that you will be the easiest and most convenient option for your target audience. People place trust in those companies that Google chooses to rank first – and that pays when it comes to sales and building brand presence online.

Our SEO Services in Manchester

Our SEO expertise means that we can offer a whole range of effective SEO services to companies in Manchester and across the country. So, whether you are a challenger brand seeking to dominate the local search rankings, or a larger company looking to fight off the competition for some of the top search queries, we have the team to help make that happen. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency servicing Manchester, offering a plethora of SEO services, including:

SEO Consultancy

From running your whole SEO programme for you to providing strategic SEO consultancy services – our Manchester SEO team  is used to working in a number of ways to best meet our clients’ needs and objectives. Our SEO consultancy services can include helping you to define your SEO objectives and developing an actionable SEO strategy for you. Our team is flexible and can advise on the most effective approach.

Technical SEO Audits

Our technical SEOs for Manchester aren’t just experienced, they also have a big focus on continuous learning which means that you can have confidence that a technical SEO audit from Koozai will be on point. Our team will audit and analyse your website to ensure that search engines can properly find, crawl and index your content for the best visibility. We will also provide actionable recommendations that can make a real difference in performance in search engines.

Keyword Research

Our SEO specialists in Manchester are highly skilled in carrying out detailed and comprehensive keyword research, a fundamental of all great SEO. Not only will doing keyword research identify the size of the market for you in search engines, but it will also underpin your SEO and content strategies to give you the best chances of ranking effectively.

On Page SEO Services

Our SEO team are also fantastic at providing onsite SEO services, and they’ll start by analysing your website’s structure and the key on page elements. All of this is to provide relevant and actionable recommendations to help improve your content for relevancy and to enhance its capability to rank for keywords in search rankings.

Google Penalty Recovery & Backlinks Analysis

A Google Penalty is a negative effect on search rankings due to either an algorithm update or black-hat SEO tactics such as spammy backlinks. We have helped many websites recover from Google penalties and have a 100% success rate when it comes to removing them. We are also experts in backlink analysis and removal, helping your site get back up to the top again.

Link Building & Outreach Services

Link building may seem like an outdated term, but backlinks from third party websites are still one of the most significant ranking factors and shouldn’t be ignored. Working closely with our talented PR and outreach team for Manchester and beyond, we are experts at building quality links that help move the needle in search engines.

Mobile-First SEO Services

It is now a well-established fact that most people reach for their mobile first when they turn to search engines. Luckily our Manchester SEO team are skilled at optimising sites for the smaller screen. With mobile compatibility now being an official Google ranking factor, having a mobile optimised website is more important than ever. With our Mobile SEO services, your site will be expertly audited to make and keep it mobile friendly; we’ll also carry out an in-depth, technical mobile SEO analysis so your brand can always be found in your customers’ hands.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Services

At Koozai we know that it isn’t just about driving traffic to your website. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service works to maximise your conversion rate from every visit to your website. Working closely with our SEO and content specialists for Manchester businesses, our team will identify the tweaks and changes that can be made to your website to better persuade users to take crucial actions – such as to engage with your website, sign up to a newsletter, download assets, and crucially to purchase or enquire about your services.

Local SEO Services

Our team of SEO experts for Manchester have worked with clients big and small and has helped countless companies to dominate the local search rankings. With more and more people looking for services and products closer to home, our SEO team will work with you to identify and implement the best strategy to ensure your business dominates in the key areas where your customers live and work.

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