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Facebook for Business: 9 Steps to Success

15th Aug 2011 Social Media, Facebook 3 minutes to read

Do you need to use Facebook for Business?

Do you have the feeling that you should be using Facebook to promote your business but not sure of the best way to get started?  Delay no more – read these instructions and then get cracking right away – there’s gold in that there Internet!

1. Create a page

From your Facebook account, click ‘Create a Page’ in the footer at the bottom of the screen.  We will use this page for your business to communicate to the world.  Add photos, text, links and wall posts.  Add the kind of content you think is highly shareable or comment worthy.  Special offers and promotions do very well.

2. Measure your Goals

Your aim is probably to get people to ‘Like’ your page, interact with your business via the page and eventually become customers.  If you set goals (such as the number of ‘Likes’) then you’ll have a better chance of being happy with your Facebook promotion.

3. Get in to the habit

Now make it a part of your routine to be active on the account and respond to people – be careful not to let complaints or negative comments go unanswered.  Facebook’s Conversation Calendar can help you stay organised – people expect the same kind of service as if they were calling on speaking to you in person.  A helpful tip for dealing with upset consumers is to take the conversation offline to a phone call where you can address their concern thoroughly.

4. Take it offline

Speaking of offline, integrate the Facebook Page as a marketing channel by mentioning it on your offline ads and business cards as well as email signatures and your website(s).

5. Run Facebook ads

Click ‘Advertising’ in the footer at the bottom of your Facebook profile page and create an advertising account to promote your page and business.  Take care to spend wisely at the beginning of the campaign as budgets can run away quickly if not tightly monitored!  Be sure to have goals so you know if you are hitting them as soon as possible.

6. Employees?

Ideally you want all employees involved, befriending each other and liking the page.  The idea is that marketing messages can propagate through this network, helping it to expand exponentially and naturally.  Be very careful that personal information is not inappropriately communicated to potential consumers – in larger organisations you may want employees to sign a form indicating they understand they are representing the company.  A decent approximation of policy is to ask that people make posts they would be happy for their mother and manager to read.  Make it friendly and informal while representing you in a professional light.

7. Engage!

Add value and commit to making Facebook a long term marketing channel.  The going may be slow to begin with and if this is the case be sure to persist!  No matter how small your market, if your content is great, there are almost guaranteed to be people online who are interested in what you have to offer.

8. Get Data

Click on ‘Page Insights’ to view interesting stats such as the number of active users and Likes.  Track your progress against quantifiable metrics so you can get a feeling of moving forward and a reward for your efforts.

9. Now!

Don’t be a victim of paralysis through analysis – what you’ve read is all you need to get started.  You can delve deeper in to it with apps and stuff once you have a little community buzzing around the happenings of your lively Facebook page.  To get started, just post great content today and start interacting with people – go forth brave soldier, start using Facebook for Business today!

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