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Have you ever searched for a local business or shop online? You’re not alone, there are plenty of others out there looking closer to home for what they want. Appearing for these queries requires local search, and it’s vitally important to the success of your business.

Location, Location, Location

It doesn’t matter where you’re based, you need to be found in the search engines if people are searching for products and services in your area. Even though the global village is getting bigger, people still want to source their goods and services locally.

Local businesses live on local custom. At Koozai, we understand how important this is.

How Local SEO Will Help Your Business

Optimising your site so you’re found locally will help boost traffic and conversions hugely. It will also increase your footfall and encourage more people to get in touch personally. Get ready to say “hello” to your neighbours.

Think about the number of people searching on-the-move. Mobile technology and mobile Internet have been a game changer. More people are searching when they’re out and about, providing you with a great opportunity to attract new custom on the move. It’s true.

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By choosing Koozai, you’ll get more from your local search campaigns. Not only are we dedicated, highly experienced and knowledgeable, but we take a personal interest in seeing your campaign succeed.
If you succeed, we succeed; and that’s the way we like it.

Whether you have existing SEO campaigns, or are looking for an agency to help with a new strategy, Koozai can help. We develop local campaigns that will complement, not replace your existing SEO work.

So, if you’re fed up with not getting found by your local customers in the search engines, don’t ‘go loco’, go local, with Koozai.

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