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Building Remarketing Lists & Audiences

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Now Google have made Remarketing simpler than ever we take a look at the basics in setting up a really effective account. (Transcript)

Remarketing and Retargeting

Stay In The Forefront Of Your Customers Mind

Increase Conversion Rate And Improve ROI

Stay in your customer’s psyche with remarketing and retargeting from Koozai. It’s clever, and that’s why we like it.

Remarketing and retargeting involves displaying a targeted advert to a user who has already visited your site. If they navigate away from your site or shopping cart, remarketing enables you to get a second bite of the cherry, as it were.

Wherever your customers go, your advert will follow.

Here’s How It Works

  • A user visits your site
  • They may leave without converting – On average 97% of potential customers won’t convert on first visit
  • Your advert will follow them as they view other websites

It’s common for customers to abandon sites and shopping carts. It’s not always because they don’t like your site, or the products and services that you offer. They may have been distracted or simply run out of time. Choosing a remarketing agency is the perfect way of giving you another chance to remind them about your site.

Your remarketed ads will be shown on Google’s display network. So whenever a user visits another website that is part of the display network, your advert might well be there to greet them. Believe us, Google have a lot of websites signed up which means your ads will get seen.

Remarketing And Retargeting Will Help

We bet you notice things a lot more once you have seen them once or twice. Maybe there’s a specific car that you like, once you’ve shown an interest, you’ll always recognise that car when it drives past. Well remarketing works in the same way. And your business stands to benefit immensely.

Remember, these are the users that have already done the hard work of finding your site. This is a way of giving them a little gentle encouragement to return. There are a number of benefits to this kind of advertising:

  • Highly targeted
  • Enhance brand exposure
  • Appear on highly reputable sites
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Achieve a higher ROI

How Will Koozai Help?

We’re a Google AdWords Certified partner, so have Digital Marketing Executives who are qualified and experienced at managing remarketing campaigns. We know a lot about paid advertising, having spoken at a number of conferences and picked up an impressive list of awards along the way.

Our team has the skill and creativity to produce dynamic ads to sell your products and services. They’ll use performance data to know which ads work and which ones don’t, and they know the best sites to display your ads on.

In other words, if you need a remarketing and retargeting  agency, your campaigns stand the best chance of succeeding with Koozai.

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