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What’s your number-one goal when advertising online?

Is it visibility? Profitability? Engagement?

None of these are possible if you’re not targeting your ads at the right audience.

With over a billion active users (source: Statista), social media platform Facebook is the perfect place to launch your adverts.

Target Adverts at Your Desired Audience

Facebook is the king of social media platforms. With more active users than any other platform in the world, it’s ideal for developing, publishing and measuring targeted social adverts.

By tapping into our social media expertise and Facebook’s wealth of social user data, your adverts can be personalised and tailored to target users by age, gender, relationship status, location and a number of other demographic traits.

You can even drill this down further, advertising to the friends of users who like your page and targeting people by interests, purchase behaviour and recent activities.

Successfully Managed Facebook Advertising Services

Many businesses may be interested in social advertising but don’t have access to the relevant skills, time or resources to create, launch and manage a full-scale campaign. That’s where Koozai comes in.

Our skilled PPC and social media experts will develop a Facebook advertising campaign built to suit your budget and designed with your business goals in mind.

You’ll receive expert campaign management at every step of the process, including creating and optimising the advert, selecting the correct audiences to target and in-depth monitoring and reporting, keeping you up to date with all the latest performance results.

Interested in enhancing your social media advertising campaigns using targeted Facebook adverts? Contact a member of the Koozai team today for more information.

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