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Tools To Save Time Marketing Via Twitter

Andrew Tonks

by Andrew Tonks on 5th August 2011

Tweeting regularly about relevant content is one of the key aspects of any social marketing campaign. However it can be time consuming and often difficult to schedule time in to write and send out the tweets. In light of this, I thought I highlight some of the top Twitter tools to schedule your tweets and help save you time.


A simple Twitter buffer which allows you to produce tweets as well as arrange for them to be posted at a particular time. Other uses of this service include pre-planned announcements, reminders for appointments and notification of upcoming events.



A great tool for users with multiple blogs; you simply write a post on your blog and then schedule the date and time you want to publish at. PostLater takes care of the rest. With four of the most popular blogging platforms supported and you can test your blog for any compatibility issues. Another added bonus is that it’s a premium site, so there is no advertising attached.


Social Oomph

One of the most powerful scheduling tools available, users can save and reuse drafts, schedule them and track particular keywords to take advantage of scheduled @replies and DMs. The site has a free and Professional version with a 7 day free trial is available too.



This service will analyses recent tweets and determines the time of day to Tweet in order to achieve optimal impact. Timely will then schedules your tweets to go out in that time period. The idea behind this is that maximising your exposure will increase the likeliness of your tweets being retweeted.



A free yet powerful service where you can post to any of 23 social networks including Google Buzz. There are more than 10 ways to post your message, including email, Skype, and apps for various mobile phones.


Andrew Tonks

Andrew Tonks

Andrew has worked within online marketing for the last four years with a background in domestic tourism, working with some of the country's most popular tourist attractions and destinations.

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  • Aaron Eden 11th August 2011

    Thanks Andrew for sharing the scoop about Twuffer, which sounds somewhat like what Buffer does. As for me, I’m loving my own scheduling tool as it helps me follow the 80/20 rule in social media marketing – 80% conversation and 20% automation. I just don’t like posting feeds one by one and bother to think of which time and date it will be posted. I could use that time in listening and talking to my peers instead. Now, with Google+ on the list, I wonder just how everyone’s keeping sane with their social media calendar these days.. and speaking of which, how do you keep yours intact? Cheers!

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