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22 Free Social Media And SEO Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Lenka Istvanova

by Lenka Istvanova on 11th November 2013

bigstock-DIY-tools-set-collage-Isolate-50333078 smallAlongside the big toys such as MajesticSEO, LinkRisk and Screaming Frog there are several lesser known but super useful web tools and extensions that will make your digital marketing life easier. Of course, they won’t do the job for you but they will certainly help you do it faster and in a more efficient way.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite Tools and Extensions that I seriously couldn’t live without. So whether you work in-house, for a digital agency or as a consultant, these tools can really help give you more time to focus on the serious stuff. I hope you will find them useful!

Free SEO Tools, Plugins and Extensions

1. SEOQuake Diagnosis (SEOQuake Toolbar)

The diagnosis feature of the SEOQuake Toolbar plugin is very useful especially when you’re doing a page analysis and you want to see a quick overview as well as the status of all key on-page elements such as:

  • Page Meta data and its length
  • Existense of Meta keyword tags
  • Heading structure (H1, H2, H3, ..)
  • Images and Alt tags
  • Existence of Robots.txt, XML sitemap and more

SEOQuake Diagnosis 1

Download: SEOQuake Chrome Extension

2. Ayima Redirect Path Checker 

If you want to quickly find out all the redirects that have been visited before reaching the current page, this is a must-have tool. Ayima Redirect Path it’s an excellent chrome extension that will show the exact redirect path as well as the HTTP status codes including 301, 302, 404 and 500. It’s a very handy tool that will help you check whether a website’s got issues with:

  • Canonical duplicate home page
  • Canonical duplicate domains
  • Temporary redirects (301)

Ayima Redirect Path Extension

Download: Ayima Chrome Extension

3. HTTP Headers

HTTP Headers is another must-have extension as it lets you see the current HTTP Response Headers and HTTP Response Status for a URL in just one click. This is extremely useful when you want to check if pages with errors are handled correctly and redirect to a specific error URL (404).

HTTP Headers Extension

Download: HTTP Headers Chrome Extension

4. Bulk HTTP Checker Tool 

This awesome free tool was created by Tom Anthony and it’s my personal favourite for a quick and dirty status check of broken links. You simply copy and paste all the URLs you want to analyse and wait for the magic. This tool will show you;

  • Page status code
  • Response headers
  • Redirect location

Bulk HTTP Checker

Bookmark it: Bulk HTTP Header Checker

5. Pingdom Site Speed

If you’re bored of the official Google Site Speed test and want something more advanced then the Pingdom tool is what you need. This totally free tool gives you more detailed insights into site speed than Google. Plus this tool allows you to run a page speed test and archive it, which means that you can use it as a comparison each month.

Pingdom Site Speed Tool

It’s very easy to read and understand with nice presentations of data which makes it easier to see improvements. You get to see the data in a waterfall-style so you can easily identify any slower loading elements of a page.

Pingdom Site Speed - Waterfall

Bookmark it: Pingdom Site Speed

6. MicroDATAgenerator Tool

I’m pretty sure you know all the benefits of marking up information on your website with Schema templates. This free tool makes it super-easy and fast to create these schema codes. Again, you just need to type in the required information and it will generate the code for you.

One of my favourite is the organisation logo one where you paste the URL of the website and the address of the image;

MicroDATAgenerator - Organisation Logos

Bookmark it: MicroDATAgenerator Tool

7. Schema Creator Tool

Another tool from the Schema-makers family is Schema-Creator which will also do the job for you. I use it for marking up product pages.

Here’s an example of a simple form you will need to fill in, in order to get the mark-up for a product:

Schema Creator - Product

8. GEO Tag Generator

If you want to create a HTML Geo Tag for your website in less than 3 seconds then GEO Tag Generator is the one to use. You just need to copy your office/business address and paste it into this tool.

GEO Tag Generator

Bookmark it:  GEO Tag Generator Tool

9. Semantic Inspector

Semantic Inspector is a free Chrome extension that will check if a website uses HTML Microdata and the structure of it;

Schema Inspector

Download it: Semantic Inspector

10. Google Webmaster Highlighter Tool 

This is a no-brainer for me, especially when my client can’t (for some reason) make any changes to their site’s code. With this point-and-click tool you simply tag/highlight the data with your mouse; instead of doing any amends to the site’s code. I would recommend using both the Highlighter tools as well as Schema templates, however if you don’t have access to change the code then Google Highlighter has got you covered.

Try it: Google Highlighter Tool

11. Web Developer Tool

One of the must-install-now tools is Web Developer tool which allows you to see a lot of useful information under one roof at the touch of a button. You can disable JavaScript & CSS Styles, lookup for cookies, source code, display link detail, alt tags and much more.

Web Developer Tool

Download it: Web Developer Chrome Extension

12. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is a useful extension which analyses your site as well as the server it is on and gives you insights into:

  • Website’s CMS
  • Analytics package
  • The language it is programmed in
  • Web framework


Download it: Chrome or Firefox

13. Snippet Optimiser

This handy tool simulates the appearance of your page’s snippet in Google SERPs, which allows you to optimise your Meta titles and descriptions for better click through rates. It also enables you to see if the Meta data is too long.

SEOMOFO Snippet Otpimiser

Bookmark it: SEOmofo Snippet Optimiser

Free Social Media Tools and Extensions

14. Free Social Media Reports by Simply Measured

Simply Measured have several free reports that will help you analyse your brand across Social profiles including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ as well as Instagram. I’ve tested them myself; they’re super-awesome and comprehensive reports that will save you time and provide you with useful insights in no matter of time. Plus you can save them as Excel spreadsheets!

SimplyMeasured Social Media Reports

Get them here: Simply Measured Social Reports

15. Pinstamatic for Pinterest 

Pinstamatic is definitely a must-bookmark tool for all Pinterest lovers as it offers a lot of ideas for your Pin boards. With this tool you can simply pin anything incuding quotes, important dates, Spotify songs, images with captions, Twitter profiles and much more.


Bookmark it: Pinstamatic

16. Shotpin Chrome Extension

Shotpin is a free extension that will ease your Pinterest activity. It acts as a screen grab-like tool allowing you to take a snapshot of anything you see on your screen and pin it to your Pinterest board. The official Pinterest Pin It Button allows you to pin only recognised images so Shotpin definitely wins this battle.


Download it: Shotpin for Chrome

17. LikeAlyzer

LikeAlyzer is great free tool that will help you analyse any Facebook page in seconds. You just need to paste the URL of the page you want to evaluate and you will get an overview of your page statistics including;

  • Page Information
  • Page Performance
  • Posts by pages
  • Page comparisons
  • Recommendations


Bookmark it: LikeAlyzer 

18. Simple Bulk Social Metrics Tool

This web tool is again from the legend, Tom Anthony. It allows you to find out the number of Facebook Likes, Tweets and Google +1 a specific page received. With this simple bulk checker you can copy and paste a list of pages to explore the social shares for a longer list of pages at once. Tom’s tool also gives you an option to download all of the data into a CSV file.

Bulk Social Metrics Checker

Bookmark it:  Bulk Social Metrics Tool

Bonus Tools

The following tools are not particularly SEO or Social Media related however they will definitely increase your productivity.

19. Note Anywhere

As the name suggests with the Note Anywhere extension you can leave a note on any website or page you want. It will stay there even if you close your browser and come back in a couple of days. Therefore, it’s very handy when you want to remind yourself what keywords you want to target, tasks you have to complete or anything else you need to do with that page or website.

Note Anywhere

Download it: Note Anywhere for Chrome or FloatNotes for Firefox

20. Stay Focused

This tool will help you keep track of the time spent on particular website so you don’t ‘waste’ more time than is needed. If you want be more productive then this extension is worth having. You can limit the time you spend for example on Facebook and other time-wasting websites.

Stay Focused

Download it: Stay Focused for Chrome

21. Percentage Calculator

With this awesome web tool you can easily calculate a percent of a value before and after, or find the percentage change between two values. You just type your numbers and hit calculate and that’s it! Simples!

Percentage Calculator

Bookmark it: Percentage Calculator

22. Scraper

Scraper Extension is a no brainer when it comes to data mining. With this tools you can highlight information on any website and scraper will transform it for you into a spreadsheet compatible with Google Docs.

Scraper Chrome Extension

Download it: Scraper Chrome Extension


UPDATE – Tools from readers

Check My Links from Dan R

This free chrome extension will check whether all the links on your page are working correctly. It will show you which one are valid and which are broken. Simples! Thanks Dan, I’m already using it!

Check My Links - SEO Extension


Download it: Check My Links Chrome Extension

Dimensions from @Koozai_Ali

Another very useful Chrome extension perfect for testing the responsiveness of your website. Just put the URL of your website and in seconds this tool will show you how your website looks like on:

  • Phones
  • Wide phones
  • Tablets
  • Wide Tablets
  • Desktops

Dimensions Chrome Extension - Free SEO Tools

Download it: Dimensions Chrome Extension

Image SEO Tool

I’ve just found another handy tool that will save you a lot of time, for example when doing website audit. Actually, the Feedthebot tool site (mastered by a star, Patrick Sexton) features all the important tools under one roof so feel free to ‘pick & mix’.

With the Image SEO Tool you just insert the URL of the website you want to check and it will examine how well the image are optimised. It will analyse all the below factors and provide you with recommendations;

  • Image Name
  • Image Alt Tag
  • Image Dimensions

Image SEO Tool - Free SEO Tools

Bookmark it: Image SEO Tool from feedthebot tools


Have I missed something?

I’m sure there are tons of other useful tools out there, so please feel free to add your favourites in the comments below. I would love to hear the tool you can’t live without.

Image  Credits

DIY tools set collage. Isolated on white background from BigStock

Lenka Istvanova

Lenka Istvanova

Lenka has a wealth of experience in the creation and management of Social Media, SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing campaigns. She has a strong passion for all things Digital and Sport related; when she's not competing in marathons she can be found blogging about digital marketing in sport.

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  • Reginald 11th November 2013


    Thanks for sharing. Seoquake is okay but it is I noticed it lags a lot for slower computer.

    Nonetheless, great share and thanks for that!


    Reply to this comment

  • Yougender 11th November 2013

    Hi Lenka,

    Thanks for all the tools. There are few that I wasn’t aware off so definitely bookmarking this page. :)

    To add to your list. Here are few tools that I can’t like without 1. BuildWith – Works on same lines as Wappalyzer

    2. User Agent Switcher – Definitely a life saver when you need to check pages for different User agents. Here is the link – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher/lkmofgnohbedopheiphabfhfjgkhfcgf

    As you said there are many but these two are among few I use frequently. Hope this help.


    Reply to this comment

  • Dan R 11th November 2013

    An essential chrome extension is ‘check my links’ – quick and easy way, to funnily enough, check for broken links on a page. good list though!

    Reply to this comment

  • Shirley T. 11th November 2013

    Really cool article!

    I am grabbing that one for Pinterest snapshots)

    Also one of the really useful little tools is multiple link reviewer http://ontolo.com/link-building-url-reviewer

    Just opens them in tabs all at once)

    Reply to this comment

    • Lenka Istvanova

      Lenka Istvanova 12th November 2013

      Thanks a lot, Shirley. Shotpin is really useful – I use when I want to pin straight from Google Image Search :)
      Will definitely have a look at the Multiple URLs opener and add it to the list as well.
      Thanks again!

      Reply to this comment

  • Stuart @ Gleam.io 12th November 2013

    Great list, but it seemed more SEO focused than social focused. Would be great to see a social list more focused on marketing :)

    Reply to this comment

    • Lenka Istvanova

      Lenka Istvanova 12th November 2013

      Thanks Stuart! Glad you find it useful and I will certainly look into social tools. Do you use/know of any good social media tools?

      Reply to this comment

      • Stuart @ Gleam.io 16th November 2013

        There’s plenty, we’re in the social contest space :) Feel free to get in touch if you want more info or just even a chat!

      • Lenka Istvanova

        Lenka Istvanova 21st November 2013

        Thanks Stuart! Will have a look and let you know :)

  • Matt O'Gara 13th November 2013

    Hi Lenka,
    This is a very handy list, thank you! I also use Traffic Travis. It’s really handy for research and the free version comes with a lot of options and ability to gather information on competition, ease of ranking for keywords and one’s own ranking data.
    Thanks again for the list!

    Reply to this comment

  • Digital Marketing Courses 13th November 2013

    I have always used SeoQuake Mozilla, never the GoogleChrome extension.
    Are there a lot of differenze beetween them? Wich is the best according to you?

    Reply to this comment

  • Melanie Burgess 14th November 2013

    Hi Lenka,

    Some great tools there – shared! :-)


    Reply to this comment

  • Danny Howard 22nd November 2013

    Hey Lenka,

    Some great tools that I haven’t heard of that I will be putting to use. Here are some tools that I love to use:

    Productivity wise: – Chrome extension LastPass: It allows you to enter and save all your passwords without worrying if you forget them. Huge Time saver

    Linkclump Chrome extension: Lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.

    Mozbar Chrome extension: Access important SEO metrics while you surf the web.

    Pocket Extension for Google Chrome – The best way to save articles, videos and more

    These are just a few that I use allot, hope they help.

    Reply to this comment

  • Nathan Brook 2nd December 2013

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing so much useful information. I’ve heard of some of those tools before, but not all of them.

    Reply to this comment

  • Ady Berry 6th February 2014

    Excellent list – I’m already using a lot of these but I’ve got to admit Percentage Calculator is a god send on a Friday afternoon when you’re in a brain freeze!

    Tend to use Built With http://builtwith.com/ on FF rather than Wappalyzer.

    Not an extension but I always have a bookmarklet for Solo Link Search Tool http://www.soloseo.com/tools/linkSearch.html on my FF – great way to quickly find links etc.

    And of course Majestic SEO bookmarks :D

    Reply to this comment

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