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9 On-Page SEO Tips

Ben Norman

by Ben Norman on 21st December 2008

On the 9th day of Xmas…

On-page search engine optimisation is very important and below are 9 tips to help ensure you get the most from it:

  1. Page Titles – Need to be unique, relevant, individual per page and most importantly contain your main keywords and these shout what your page is about so get them right.
  2. META Descriptions – should be unique per page, include your keywords and be good sales copy as this will be displayed more often than not in the search results and is key to getting a searcher to click on your entry.
  3. Content – This must be unique, good quality and contain your main keywords but do not spam it to the extent where the copy does not read properly as it will never convert.
  4. Internal Linking – use keywords in the links you use to link the pages of your website together as this will increase the value of the link and the perceived relevance of the page you are linked to.
  5. Headers – Make proper use of your headers starting with your prime title as a H1 and work down as this will be used to decide which phrases are most important on your page.
  6. Alt Tags – Primarily used by screen readers to interpret an image to a visually impaired person, the search engines also use these to find out what the picture is about, so be sure to use your keywords where appropriate.
  7. Sitemap – ensure you have a sitemap and that it is linked off of your homepage as this will ensure all of your websites pages get found and crawled.
  8. Validate – go to the W3C website and ensure that your website validates. If it does it will be easier to crawl and the robots are less likely to get stuck on your site and give up.
  9. Get a Blog – Blogs are fantastic as the search engines love fresh unique content and Blogs ensure they get it. Also its a great way of becoming a source of knowledge for your industry and will see you gaining more links and business.

These are 9 simple tips that if followed will see you gaining search rankings faster than you can polish of that turkey.

Ben Norman

Ben Norman

CEO and Founder of Koozai, Ben Norman has extensive knowledge of search engine marketing. A regular writer on the subject, Ben’s first book, ‘Getting Noticed on Google’ has sold over 50,000 copies. Ben’s comprehensive knowledge is written in a straightforward and easily understandable way; be sure to read his sought after contributions on the future of Koozai.


  • Alan Williams 9th January 2009

    This was a very informative article. I will read your blog often.

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  • Michael Harrington 18th March 2009

    What a fantastic article.I am reading article of SEO and related fields fro quite a while and i found this article interesting.I would also like to know that what do you think about Web Analytic.

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  • Graeme 27th March 2009

    Very interesting article. You mention internal linking, I have started to apply this to a number of sites. I am monitoring stats to see if traffic is distributed to a wider range of pages within these sites.

    Also, do you have any recommendations for sitemap tools for the creation, updating and submission of sitemaps to SE?


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  • Lucy Griffiths

    Lucy 31st March 2009

    Hi Graeme

    Thank you for your comment.

    In terms of Sitemap tools, I’d recommend GSiteCrawler.

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