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Advertising Gambling in Google AdWords Pay Per Click now Allowed in UK

Lucy Griffiths

by Lucy Griffiths on 20th October 2008

Google have just announced a change in their policy for companies wishing to advertise gambling related services online using their AdWords pay per click advertising platform within the UK.

Google’s announcement explains that this policy change for gambling advertisers has come about “due to recent changes in UK law” and to “bring it inline with the legal and cultural climate around this issue in the UK”.

The statement goes on to say “Our review determined that, at this time, we will allow gambling ads to target England, Scotland and Wales as long as the advertiser is registered with the Gambling Commission and provides a valid operating license number.”

Any gambling site wishing to use pay per click advertising to promote their business will first of all need to create a new Google AdWords account and complete an application form for Google. They will then review the application and notify the advertiser whether they have been successful or not.

Given the competitive nature of the industry, we would anticipate pay per click costs being high for AdWords gambling advertising in the UK and would suggest that new advertisers consider using Google AdWords management services if they’re unsure how to build an optimised campaign.

Lucy Griffiths

Lucy Griffiths

Lucy is an Internet Search Specialist focusing and working with clients on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies.

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  • CB Trax 7th October 2009

    I was really confused about the reality on why does advertising a gambling in Google AdWords Pay Per Click is not allowed in UK before. But this post really gives me great information that keeps my confusions away. I am not against their policy, in case I respect that each of the country really had to implement policies that would give benefits to their people. But in the case now in UK, it was already allowed to use it. It maybe good in any sense, but we should all know that gambling is not good.

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