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15 Call To Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect CTA)

9th Jan 2023 PPC Blog, Google AdWords, PPC Blog 4 minutes to read

15 Call To Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect CTA)

A call to action (CTA) is an essential element of any advertising campaign, and Google Ads is no exception. A CTA is a statement or phrase that encourages the viewer to take a specific action, such as visiting a website, making a purchase, or filling out a form. Using the right call-to-action in your ad copy can enhance your ad performance and could lead to more clicks or even more conversions. The aim here is to select the right CTA for the type of action your business requires. The key is to make them visible so it’s best to create headlines using CTAs or attach them to the end of your descriptions as long as they fit within the character limits.

Here are 15 examples of effective CTAs for Google Ads:

  1. “Sign up now” – This CTA is straightforward and encourages the viewer to take immediate action. This is good if you’re providing something to your customers, this could be an offer, a subscription or a document such as a whitepaper etc.
  2. “Get your free trial” – Offering a free trial can be a great way to get people to try your product or service.
  3. “Buy now” – This CTA is direct and to the point and works well for e-commerce ads.
  4. “Shop now” – Similar to “buy now,” this CTA works well for e-commerce ads and encourages the viewer to start shopping. We recommend testing this alongside “Buy now” and see what works better for your business.
  5. “Learn more” – This CTA is great for informational or educational ads and encourages the viewer to continue learning about the product or service. This is another CTA that should be tested against other CTAs.
  6. “Discover more” – This CTA is similar to “learn more,” but adds a sense of exploration and intrigue.
  7. “Get started” – This CTA is great for ads that offer a service or tool and encourages the viewer to take the first step in using it.
  8. “Join now” – This CTA works well for membership-based services or communities and promotes the viewer to become a part of the group.
  9. “Try it now” – This CTA is similar to “get your free trial,” but adds a sense of immediacy and encourages the viewer to try the product or service right away.
  10. “Get a quote” – This CTA is great for ads that offer a service or product with customizable options and persuades the viewer to get more information about pricing.
  11. “Book now” – This CTA works well for ads that offer a service or product that requires a reservation or booking, such as a hotel or tour.
  12. “Order now” – Similar to “buy now,” this CTA works well for e-commerce ads and encourages the viewer to place an order.
  13. “Claim your free gift” – Offering a free gift can be a great way to entice the viewer to take action.
  14. “Sign up for updates” – This CTA is great for businesses that want to build their email list and persuades the viewer to stay informed about new products or services.
  15. “Save now” – This CTA works well for ads that offer a sale or discount and encourages the viewer to take advantage of the offer at a later date.

In order to write the perfect CTA for your Google Ads, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Always make your CTA specific and actionable – The CTA should clearly state what action you want the viewer to take and be particular about it. Using “Join now” to then drive users to an e-commerce website isn’t ideal and will appear irrelevant. Adding this into an ad might make your ads appear lower quality and could harm your results so it’s always a good idea to make them as accurate as possible. E-commerce websites should use “Buy now” or “Shop now”.

Use strong and persuasive language – use words like “now,” “free,” and “limited time” to encourage potential customers to take action and also keep it short and to the point, CTAs should be concise and easy to understand. The last thing you need is to confuse your customers. The more specific, the better. Lastly, test multiple CTAs. Try using different CTAs to see which one performs the best for your ad. You might find that “Learn more” adds a layer of intrigue and entices users to click through. “Buy now” can sometimes appear a bit assertive but we recommend testing them against each other and finding out the winning CTA.  By following these tips and using these examples as inspiration, you can use or create effective and compelling CTAs for your Google Ads that will encourage viewers to take action and potentially convert. For more info and help on Google Ads, read through our other articles.

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