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  • Arnold Ma
    Baidu SEO Guide - On-Page and Technical SEO

    China has consistently been one of the fastest growing economies in the world for the past decade. Read more

  • James Perrin
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics - March 2012

    This month has seen some interesting changes within the search engine market share. On the whole it’s business as usual, but there are some useful insights to be taken from the latest data.

    In the US market, Google and Microsoft’s Bing have seen gains, whilst Yahoo and AOL actually saw a drop in their market share. The gap between Bing and Yahoo has widened, but by how much? In the UK, Google have seen a slight drop, with all other search engines benefiting. Does this show us the potential for a more competitive market? Here’s what we found this month.
    Read more

  • Andy Williams
    Are Old SEO Tactics Holding Your Site Back?

    SEOAs the saying goes: “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

    This is certainly the case when it comes to SEO.

    With so much information readily available online you can read up on any subject any time you want. However, simply reading up on something isn’t going to make you an expert in any particular field.

    Read more

  • Andy Williams
    SEO Myths and Out Of Date Theories

    True or FalseSearch Engine Optimisation is now a profession a majority of companies and individuals have heard of. It’s also a profession that a number of people think is easy and they can do themselves by reading a couple of blogs and help files.

    Unfortunately this usually leads to out of date methods continuing to do the rounds. With so many self proclaimed experts willing to spread the word on old theories it’s easy to see why so many companies are misled by inaccurate information.

    Read more

  • Tara West
    Think Visibility 6: How Long is a Mile?

    Drink Vis kicked off on Friday night with a great party at The Mint, featuring Koozai cocktails (or Kooztails as I like to call them) and some mini golf adventures.

    For those that didn’t over do it on the Kooztails, the Think Visibility presentations started in earnest at 10am following a great intro from Dom Hodgson (“Koozai! Say it with me…’Koozai’…’Koozai’…’Koozai’…”).

    There were brilliant swag bags featuring Think Vis Lego mini figures, pick n mix, and a cardboard Dom of course! Read more

  • Andy Williams
    Brighton SEO Write Up - Morning

    Brighton SEO kicked off today with some fascinating talks and presentations from the morning session. Read more

  • Oliver Ewbank
    Should I Remove my Backlinks?

    LinksInbound links are essential to any SEO strategy. They help refer traffic and build authority around your domain. Read more

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