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Graeme Benge

In Search Of Koozai – My First Week At Koozai

30th Apr 2012 News, Koozai News | No Comments 2 minutes to read

Koozai SignIt’s strange to think that this time two weeks ago I was on a train to Brighton, having met two “Koozai” (it must be a collective noun for something) on the train after abandoning a career in travel only the night before for one in digital marketing…well why not?

So in those seven days a lot has happened. I’ve been to a conference, caught 20 “Koozaimon”, read A LOT, become a SEO-Jedi apprentice and scored a cheeky couple of hundred points ten pin bowling – by no means the top score. Don’t go bowling with a Koozai, there are some hustlers.


Not a bad start as starts go.

Zoom In
Reminiscing on my first seven whole days in digital marketing, it’s worth noting that to an outsider everyone in this industry seems to love what they do. Everyone in the Brighton Dome attending BrightonSEO clearly wanted to be there. There was a great buzz around the place, friends and acquaintances catching up on life, link building and the like. And talk about gadgets, so many gadgets.

At first I thought it was out of common courtesy that no one as whispering during the presentations but it was actually down to the fact they were doing it all on Twitter

I met around eight Koozai team mates and was made to feel part of the Koozai Krew immediately. The sessions themselves were snappy and moved along at a good pace, covering a lot of ground and you can’t argue with giveaways like a full size arcade game…laser guns ‘n all! The pick of the speakers for me were Roland Dunn, Stefan Hull, No Pork Pies and of course Samantha (the boss…!) I also thought the 20/20 (twenty slides in twenty minutes) portion was really well done by all the participants. Zoom Out.

Drinks on the end of Brighton pier rounded things off well and pleasingly I didn’t sleep past my stop on the train home.

Back To Reality
Monday swung into view pretty quickly. On the journey in to work I bumped into a Koozai team mate (they’re everywhere) who guided me to Koozai HQ. More friends were met and I was getting a good feeling about the place. The office couldn’t be more friendly (although they pay me, I wasn’t paid to say that specifically) and the expertise on show is truly impressive.

And so the journey began. This is what I signed up for. Having developed a big interest in all things digital in an industry that was pretty skeptical about all things digital, I was raring to go.

With Andy “Yoda” Williams getting me to run around with him on my back, lifting rocks with just my mind and optimising everything in sight, the week gathered momentum. I learnt so much my daughter now has a H1 tag.

Thursday night we had a team night out. With the London team in attendance, we went bowling where it’s fair to say the competitive spirit was in full attendance. Money was changing hands and the sky turned blue as gutter balls confirmed the loss of a bet. I ended the night in mid table obscurity with two hundred and three points. Well, can’t go showing off straight away…

The week came to an end (as is traditional) on Friday. So having met a lot of lovely people and learned a lot I decided I’d come back on Monday for the adventure to continue…

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