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  • James Perrin
    Content Marketing In 2014: We Ask The Experts

    Content Marketing ExpertsA new year in digital, and there are many more talking points for Content Marketing. With January almost a distant memory what better way to plan the rest of the year than by reading what the experts will be doing as part of their Content Strategies this year. Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

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  • Mike Essex
    Five Free Presentations To Help You Get Started With SEO

    SEO SlidesThere’s never been a better time to get started with SEO, thanks to years of research and best practice coupled with greater freedom and budgets for those working on online marketing projects. Yet the hardest thing is knowing where to start and that’s why our blog post today couples together five slidedecks that will help you to get started on the right track.

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  • Mike Essex
    Why We Deleted 900 Blog Posts And What Happened Next

    Koozai 404 PageSix months ago we made one of the biggest changes we’ve ever made to Koozai.com, and also potentially the most riskiest – we removed 30% of our content.

    Here’s how we did it in a safe and controlled way and why we’re recommending you do the same.

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  • Kieran Sait
    Google’s In-Depth Article Mark-Up - What You Need To Know

    Changes AheadIn August last year, shortly before the Hummingbird algorithm update, Google introduced a new function to its search engine results pages (SERP’s) in the United States that now displays three related in-depth articles at the bottom of the search results page accompanied by images.

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  • Emma North
    Why Have My Rankings Dropped? An SEO Troubleshooting Guide

    Diagnosing A Drop In Search Engine RankingsAlthough gaining search engine rankings for search terms relevant to your industry is no longer the only metric for measuring the success of SEO, the value of strong positions in these searches cannot be ignored for the vast majority of websites. More importantly, sudden drops in these positions that lead to reflective decreases in traffic to your website can have serious negative effects on the bottom line.

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  • Cat Fyson
    Why You Need To Consider Editorial Design On Your Blog

    Blog DesignThroughout 2013, we have heard about the growth of visual, design-led content. Whilst we still appreciate the importance of humble text-based content, it’s important not to fall behind on the significance of making content captivating by including visually appealing elements.

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  • Lenka Istvanova
    The Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post That Gets Results

    Content MarketingContent is not enough! The look and presentation of what you write counts too. You can have very good content but your readers don’t stick around or share it. Why? Because your content is not engaging or in other words hasn’t been packaged in the correct way. Let’s look at how this can be done.

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  • Mike Essex
    Over 220 Tips On Content Marketing In 2014

    KozchatYesterday we held our most successful #koozchat to date, with 33 participants discussing how Content Marketing is going to evolve over the next 12 months. Including the future for guest blogging & reviews, the most effective tactics for 2014, the effects of Google Hummingbird and how to create content for boring industries.

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  • Ali Moghadam
    How To Get Your Business Online In A Day

    Technology in the Hands of BusinessmanWant to build a site for your small business, with the potential to get ranked and all the social media trimmings, in just one day? It’s possible! I did it myself not long ago – aside from a few tweaks along the way, it’s all worked out nicely – and it’s all SEO friendly. I’m going to share how I did it with you.

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  • John Waghorn
    How To Use Content To Help Generate On-Page Conversions

    bigstock-Content-Blue-Marker-45454309The primary aim of any company is to promote your services and products to a targeted audience and generate sales, business, and profits as a result.

    When you step back and think about it there really are a multitude of factors which contribute to how successful your company is or will become.

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