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  • Arnold Ma
    How Not to Buy Links Like Google – Plus Link Buying Facts and Myths

    Notes“Fate. It seems, is not without a sense of irony.” My last post had a huge section on Google’s efforts to combat poorly constructed, spammy and thin content. Last week, Aaron Wall of SEO Book exposed Google doing the opposite of what they are actively and public against. Google hired a digital agency, Essence, that initiated a marketing campaign which generated a lot of poorly written paid blog posts promoting the Chrome product, at least one of the posts were found containing followed backlink to the Google Chrome page.

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  • Andy Williams
    ThinkLocal with Google - London 4th October 2011

    Google LogoWith consumers now more connected through location-based, social and mobile environments, Google held ThinkLocal 2011. A mini conference aimed at reviewing local search and mobile search and how businesses need to control and promote their brands to consumers at the moment they are searching.

    This event showcased insights, inspiration and ideas on how to more closely connect businesses with their customers.

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  • James Perrin
    EU Ruling over Trademarked Keywords: Interflora Vs M&S

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has made a ruling on the Interflora VS M&S case with regards to Brand Bidding on PPC keywords, and the ruling could have huge ramifications for the world of PPC.

    The issue arose back before Valentine’s Day, when Interflora noticed something amiss when customers searched for ‘Interflora Flowers’ within search engines. They noticed that Marks & Spencer were showing for their brand related key terms within the paid-for search results.
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  • Stephen Logan
    Search Engine Syndication Woes Continue for Twitter

    Twitter LogoJust a couple of years ago Twitter was celebrating big-money tie-ins with both Google and Bing. Now, with the former already having dropped full integration, Microsoft could potentially follow suit.

    For a company that isn’t supported by advertising, instead favouring sponsored Tweets and accounts, every revenue stream is crucial – particularly one that is potentially worth $30million. Whilst extension talks are ongoing; Twitter will no doubt be sweating over the much-needed investment whilst social search could be on the brink of another major upheaval.
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  • Stephen Logan
    Super Savvy Me: When is Online Advertising Not Advertising?

    Theoretically, Super Savvy Me is a fantastic site for consumers to rate a wide range of products and enjoy decent discounts. However, you don’t need to scratch too far beneath the surface to expose the potentially misleading nature of the site.

    I have to admit, I had never heard of it before a recent national radio advertising campaign. There again, I’m not exactly in their target market. Super Savvy Me is predominantly aimed at female Internet users. Offering, in their own (Meta) words, ‘Ideas, inspiration & wisdom to help you make the most out of life.’
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  • Andy Williams
    Create a Blog - Improve Your Local Search Rankings in Google

    As we all know, Google loves good quality content and the phrase “content is king” has been promoted since the dawn of time.

    Most site owners turn to creating a blog as the answer to supplying a continued stream of fresh quality (or so we would hope) content.  But how many sites are using their blog to help improve their local search rankings in Google?

    Thought through correctly, your blog can become one of the most powerful tools you have in your local search campaign. Read more

  • John Waghorn
    Chrome for Android and Google’s Improved Market Share

    ChromeGoogle Chrome has been an Internet web browser since 2008 and was brought about with the ethos of providing simple, yet fast web access for its users. Some people use Chrome as their primary web browser, however other popular choices at present include Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Opera.

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  • Mike Essex
    Think Visibility Ticket Winners Announced (#thinkvis)

    ThinkvisIn our second giveaway of the month it’s time to announce our winners for the Think Visibility ticket competition. We had three tickets to give away to this Leeds based event to celebrate our platinum sponsorship.

    It promises to be a fantastic day of talks, so congratulations to our winners who are….

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  • Mike Essex
    What does the web think of Google+ ?

    Google have announced they are launching a social network in the form of Google+ and although we’ve technically been here before with Google Buzz, there are a lot of positive comments by the likes of Bloomberg and Techcrunch. Meanwhile our Twitter feed indicates a wide spectrum of reactions, the best of which we’ve displayed below:

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  • Ben Norman
    Win Tickets to the April 2012 #BrightonSEO Conference

    Tickets to the next BrightonSEO event sold out just 12 minutes, which was an all-time record for the conference! BrightonSEO is one of the most popular SEO conferences and features a line-up of great speakers including our very own Samantha Noble, who will be talking about how to effectively re-launch a brand or product online.

    Koozai have sponsored the event again this year and we have a 10 tickets to give away.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Google Paying to Watch Your Search Activity

    Having indexed trillions of pages, Google has the world’s knowledge at its fingertips. However, there is a big difference between being able to access content and actually understanding, or indeed indexing it.

    Like a library without a Dewey decimal system or a phonebook that uses neither the alphabet nor location as guidelines, this collective data is useless without order. So search engines use keywords and domain strength as a basic quality guideline. However, even when combined with 200+ ranking factors, results still aren’t perfect.

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