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The Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Sussex

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In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence has become a necessity for businesses. To achieve this, many companies turn to digital marketing agencies to help them reach their target audience and their marketing goals. Sussex is just one of the areas of the UK home to a number of highly regarded digital marketing agencies. So, if you’re looking for support for your digital marketing efforts, are looking to increase your brand’s visibility or want to just get started, the chances are that at least one of the agencies below is well equipped to help. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the best digital marketing agencies in Sussex.

Tiger Marketing

This multi-service agency offers SEO, marketing strategy, social media and PPC (among a few more things). The Tiger Marketing brand is certainly eye-catching, and they’ve worked with a variety of brands including Colourful Coffee, WatchStatus and Amberstone Security.

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Focusing on being approachable, transparent, positive and motivated, Vooba provides PPC, SEO, social media and content marketing services, alongside web design and design and print services. They’ve worked with some luxury home and lifestyle brands, and also specialise in dental advertising campaigns too.


PMW provides a vast array of digital marketing services in Sussex, and have won some awards along the way. If you’re looking for support with advertising, web design, PR, event management, or social media, it’s worth taking a look at what PMW can offer. Their client roster includes the likes of Charles Taylor, Pets Corner and Let’s Explore.

Brainiac Media

From brand and creative identity through to web design, video marketing and tonnes more, Brainiac Media is a full-service agency that work right through the digital strategy arena. Based in Sussex but also the US, Australia and South Africa, this agency is perhaps a better option for bigger budget brands. They’ve worked with Snow Lab, Urban Warrior, Yacht Decks and loads more.

Rococo Digital

Located in Arundel close to the coast, Rococo Digital focuses on website design and development, SEO and social media management. They’re also Shopify partners if you need support with your e-commerce site.

Shake It Up Creative

Brighton Gin, GoGecko and local festivals have been clients of Shake It Up Creative. They offer graphic design, web design, SEO and PR services, so quite an array to suit business’s various needs.


If you’re in the market for paid search, SEO or social media management, take a look at Chillibyte. They’ve worked with a variety of clients in the past, including Wellesley & Co and Rexel, and offer a free website audit if you’re keen to know more about what they can do for your brand.

Nu Media Hub

With experience spanning the home, construction, hospitality, healthcare and ecommerce sectors, Nu Media Hub are equipped to help your business’s digital marketing efforts through an array of services. Whether you need help with photography, videography, content writing, website design or social media (plus more), these guys cover pretty much their entire digital marketing spectrum. That’s why we’ve added them to our best agencies in Sussex list!

Artemis Marketing

Artemis Marketing is a digital marketing agency that focuses on providing SEO, link building, PPC, social media and creative services including website design and development. They’ve helped clients such as Aquarius Blinds, Price Kitchens, Red Scan, H&S Surveyors and lots more with their marketing needs, so another one to consider if you’re looking for a south east-based agency.

427 Marketing

If you’re after a smaller agency feel as you’re a start up or SME brand, 427 marketing might be a good one to consider. They offer SEO, PPC, link building, blogging and web design services, alongside the option to partake in training courses if you’re looking to upskill your team.


Koozai is another great option for SMEs looking to get to grips with their digital marketing. From marketing consultancy on your terms through to SEO, digital PR, content marketing, PPC, paid social and website development, the team at Koozai have worked for clients such as Red Funnel, Tui, Stannah, Srixon, Ovenu and more.

Digital Marketing Agency Koozai


In conclusion, Sussex is home to many highly regarded digital marketing agencies that offer a range of services to help businesses improve their online presence. When selecting a digital marketing agency, it’s important to consider factors such as their experience, expertise, and track record. By carefully researching and comparing the best digital marketing agencies in Sussex, businesses can find the right partner to help them reach their marketing goals and achieve success online. If you’ve worked with a Sussex-based agency before and they’re not mentioned here, let us know in the comments and we’ll update our article.

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