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  • James Perrin
    Google+ TV Ad Illustrates the Internet Giant's Intentions

    If you didn’t know already, Google have followed up from their previous television adverts with yet another one of their well styled and slick commercials; this time promoting their social network, Google+.

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  • Andy Williams
    Google Places Reviews - Responding To Bad Reviews

    Google LogoI recently wrote about how important it is for businesses to gain reviews to help improve Google Places rankings, but what happens if you receive bad reviews or negative feedback?

    Well responding to bad reviews is possible if you have a verified Google Places profile.

    Negative feedback is very different to positive reviews you may have received. First off it is very easy to take them to heart, after all this is your business that someone is criticising. So try not to let your emotions take over. It is important to remain professional and treat the review just like you would a positive one.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Advanced Segments 'Can Be Created Quickly With Google Analytics'

    AnalyticsGoogle Analytics’ Intelligence Tool can be utilised so online companies can create advanced segments from automatic alerts in a quick and easy way.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics - June 2010

    Google hold steady in the UK but take another hit in the US as Yahoo and Bing gain momentum.

    Google have maintained their 91.7% stranglehold on the UK search market in the latest Hitwise figures. Bing and Ask make slight slips, down to 2.98% and 1.34% of the search market respectively, but the big three remain largely unchanged.

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  • Ben Norman

    Google have been going through another PageRank update and it seems at first glance that many of the web directories have been affected. Read more

  • Stephen Logan
    Does Wikipedia Deserve to Dominate Search Rankings?

    Wikipedia LogoThere has been a lot of fuss about the fact that Wikipedia has achieved a first page ranking for 99% of terms (within a sample of 1,000 queries) in recent weeks. Intelligent Positioning were the first to expose this, before Econsultancy and a swarm of industry blogs jumped all over it. But what’s the problem?

    To be fair, the posts I’ve mentioned and linked to here don’t explicitly suggest that this is part of a wider conspiracy to give Wikipedia an unfair advantage. But as with many SEO investigations, there is an underlying assumption that this is somehow wrong or surprising. In my opinion, it is neither.

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  • Anna Lewis
    Google Updates Image Traffic Medium in Google Analytics

    Image search in analytics In another update by Google this week, they have surreptitiously changed the way that traffic from image search is reported. Part way through the month, with no explanation or warning, visits to your site from Google Images are now being reported under the medium of Search Engines, when before they were classed as Referrals.

    This update is likely to affect your reporting if you have a number of visits from image searches, so you will need to take this into account when looking at your recent data and making any comparisons.

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  • James Perrin
    Kaiser Chiefs Let Fans Design Their Own Album

    The English indie band are giving their fans the chance to select tracks and design the album cover for their new studio album – The Future is Medieval. Not only that, but fans can have their own webpage to sell their unique versions. For every album a fan sells, they can make £1. So what’s it all about? Let’s take a closer look at the marketing strategy behind it…
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