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Analytics Blog Posts

  • Graeme Benge
    6 Questions Your Boss Will Ask About Google Analytics

    bigstock-confused-businessman-working-a-42101260If you’re investing time and money in Digital Marketing, then you need to know how your website is performing. Using an web analytics package like Google Analytics offers an off the shelf product that is free and easily installed. But we’ve no doubt your boss will want to know more about this package – as such, here are the answers to the questions they’re likely to ask. 

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  • Emma North
    Using Google Webmaster Tools To Reclaim Organic Keywords & Rankings

    Analytics Magnifying Glass - Get Organic Keyword Data from Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is an essential resource for webmasters with a wealth of useful information for optimising websites and identifying issues. What’s more, the tool kit was recently revamped with a new navigation structure, additional features and enhanced reports.

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  • Anna Lewis
    Setting Up and Using Custom Reports in Google Analytics

    google analytics custom report - front imageInstalling Google Analytics tracking code on your site is not the sign of a mission accomplished, it’s the start of a journey into unravelling the data behind your site. From here you can work out how to improve it to increase the return from your site.

    One simple way to make Google Analytics easy to use, in order to get the best data for what you need, is to set up a few custom reports with the data that you want. These can then be set up to show on dashboards when you log-in, so that all your key numbers are easily accessible and actionable.

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  • Anna Lewis
    How To Track Contact Form Submissions Without A Confirmation Page

    SubmitSometimes web developers are unable to create a thank you or confirmation page for a form submission, this leaves you unable to easily track how many forms have been completed, as goals in Google Analytics require a URL. However, there is a nice and easy way round this. It just takes a small amount of code and you can create a pretend URL to load when the submit button is pressed.

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  • Anna Lewis
    How to Link your Google AdWords and Analytics Accounts

    Google Adword LogoHaving AdWords data in Google Analytics is very valuable, but how do you get it? This post is going to show you how to link your AdWords and Analytics accounts so that you see the data in each. I’ll also answer some common questions, such as: why are my AdWords keywords not showing in Google Analytics? What is (not set) in Analytics? What is automatic campaign tagging? And more! Read more

  • Anna Lewis
    Using Google Analytics To Improve Your Local SEO Campaign

    LocationsSEO is changing, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you are taking the best action for the future, and where better to start than in your target locations? Local SEO is pivotal to many businesses, from small independent shops and services to those with offices or outlets throughout the country and the world.

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  • Gemma Holloway
    How To Use Google Analytics To Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Google Analytics and Content MarketingThe past year or so has seen content marketing grow rapidly in its importance as a marketing mechanism. But like all marketing techniques, to ensure your efforts are a success it is important to understand what works and what doesn’t. The most accurate way of determining this is through the use of empirical data: That’s where Google Analytics comes into play.

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  • Anna Lewis
    Top Ten Best Web Analytics Resources

    WritingI’m going to share my top analytics resources with you to help you find valuable sources of web analytics information. These relate to both Google Analytics and web analytics in general.

    I’m sure everyone has their favourite resources for the areas they work in, but sometimes it’s hard to find new ones that you know you can trust. The lists below are the websites or people I read and use most often. I’ve also included a link to a post on each site so that you can quickly see what they are like and decide whether to bookmark them straight away. Read more

  • Samantha Noble

    We recently signed up for a month long trial with Acquisio, a Pay Per Click campaign management tool that is aimed at agencies around the world. Read more

  • Chris Simmance
    Server Response Codes And What They Mean

    404 error pageOver the life of a website you will be (if you manage it that is) presented with Server Response Codes or ‘HTTP Status Codes’ in regard to a lot of different elements of your site’s functionality and maintenance needs. Quite often these are the largely well-known codes such as 404 errors and 301′s, but there are a whole world of other response codes that you may be presented with when you work on a site.

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  • Andy Killworth
    The Goatee's Gotta Go - How To Keep Your Site Stylish

    Andy K MulletSPOILER ALERT – Bruce Willis is a ghost. Actually, I knew some people that when Sixth Sense came out on video, went into Blockbuster and put stickers on the back of every copy, a move that was simultaneously comedy genius yet cruel. But I digress, as usual.

    Let me try again.

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