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How To Find Blog Post Ideas In Seconds

SEO Blog, Mobile Search, Quick Vids, SEO Blog, Videos 17th Mar 2021

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi Joe here. Today we’re gonna look at how to find blog ideas in seconds using SEMrush. So this is our client, a site that sells workout gear and gym supplements. So in SEMrush, we’re on the Domain Overview section at the moment. We just click on the Keyword Magic Tool, and then in this bar at the top, if we just enter a keyword that’s relevant for our brand, so we’re gonna use gym clothes as the seed keyword. This will then return a list of keywords that are related to this term. So we can see here that most of these are commercial in nature. You can see gym clothes for men, gym clothes for women. Cheap gym clothes, et cetera. These are great keywords to use in our product pages but if we navigate over to the Questions tab here, we will then see a series of questions that are associated with this keyword. So these will generally be long-tail keyword phrases that include words like what, how, when, et cetera. So if we scroll down this list, we can start to get some great ideas for our blog, so what kind of clothes should I wear to the gym? We could work on a blog post that covers that topic, targeting that keyword, and this could link back to our product pages. How to store gym clothes in a car. How to remove odor from gym clothes. What to do with sweaty gym clothes. You can see that a lot of these are similar in terms of topic. It’s how to get the smell out of gym clothes. How to store wet gym clothes. Can you tumble gym clothes. So these are all really relevant question-based keywords that would work really well as blog posts for our brand. That could be used to get additional traffic to the site from long-tailed keywords and then link back to our product pages.

Joe Johnson

If you can’t find Joe at the gym or at his favourite restaurant, the chances are he’s binge-watching Black Mirror on Netflix. His claim to fame is being interviewed on BBC radio about public toilets, but we reckon he’d rather be interviewed about his favourite destination – Las Vegas. With Canada and Japan on the travel bucket list, identifying as a sloth means he best get a move on!

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