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Target Your Perfect Audience With Pinterest Advertising

Help you brand stand out on one of the world’s most visual platforms — we'll build targeted and relevant ad campaigns which create and facilitate buying intent; giving you ROI-focussed strategy & results.

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Promote your brand to your perfect audience with Pinterest advertising. Promoted Pins appear just like regular pins, the big difference is that you pay to have them seen by more people.

This way users can discover and save your pins and gain a better understanding of what you’re all about.

Promoted Pins That Work For You

Promoted pins can help you reach a number of marketing goals. So whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, boost engagement or drive more qualified traffic to your site, Pinterest advertising can help.

Businesses with a visual product or service offering should be all over Pinterest Pins. You can introduce your brand to the most desired audience around and actually generate business off the back of it. Pinners are constantly looking for new inspirational ideas. They need your products and services to make those ideas a reality.

Our paid social experts will create strategic campaigns designed to reach your audience at the top of the funnel and drive them through your conversion path.

Inspire Your Customers

At Koozai we believe that promoted content should make the Pinterest experience even better. That’s why we operate a 100% spam-free policy.

We don’t bombard people with irrelevant ads to drive conversions. We work hard with you to fully understand your business and its goals before creating powerful, relevant advertisements.

Pinterest advertisements are your chance to inspire your audience and give them ideas for the future. Our experts will create ads that are not only drive an action, but are also eye-catching and memorable.

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Increasing year-on-year conversions for the market leaders in UK vehicle finance

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Koozai

  • You’ll gain an expert who will create a powerful strategy to help drive your goals
  • Increase your social presence and been seen by the right people
  • Boost conversions with powerful, bespoke ads
  • Convert fans into customers

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