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Why Employees Should use Social Media at Work

22nd Jun 2012 Brand, Social Media 4 minutes to read

Social MediaI have seen several cases recently debating that social media should or should not be used in the workplace and each debate raises interesting points for and against.

I have my own opinion on this, which I obviously believe to be right for us because of the industry we operate in. This will not be right for every company in every industry, but I think can be decided on by factoring in two things.

  • Industry
  • Job Role

Obviously if you are in a social industry as we are in (Digital Marketing), or are a social media agency it makes sense to encourage social media use at work as it is mutually beneficial for the company and employees. The employees help grow the brand and the brand in-turn helps to build the employees personal brand.

However, this won’t necessarily translate to all businesses or industries. For example if you were a contact lens company you would probably need people doing many tasks from packing boxes to inspecting contact lenses, in this case social media would probably detract from their roles and not benefit the company much. In this instance the company would not probably want to dedicate much time to it.

It all depends on the industry and what both parties will get out of it; it stands to reason that if there is little chance of the company seeing any benefit they will be less inclined to go with it.

Arguments for allowing the use of social media at work:

  1. Company gets more social mentions
  2. Employees get to network
  3. Increases their personal brand
  4. Increases the company brand in return
  5. Knowledge can be shared and answers found
  6. Deeper social penetration for PR and news depending on companies social reach (Brand plus all employee accounts)
  7. Increases job satisfaction
  8. Increases productivity

Arguments against using social media at work:

  1. Employees can waste time
  2. Detracts from their normal jobs
  3. Companies can be portrayed in a bad light by a negative employee
  4. Decreases productivity

Why it makes sense to me to allow it

I have seen companies try to limit and lock down social media in the work place and have seen and heard a few things happen:

  • Job satisfaction decreases
  • Toilet breaks increase in frequency and duration (hmm smart phones?)
  • Company misses out on a great opportunity to push and build its brand online

Employers fears

I think the biggest fear employers have is that the system will get abused and employees will do less work and be less productive. My question to them is why the hell did you hire people like that? If you don’t trust your employees to be adults and get work done, priorities etc seriously you need better employees.

I have found that we let people use all the different social media channels and for work and do I think that some personal surfing creeps in 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there of course I do. But I also know that when work needs to be done or something needs finishing they are there past clocking off time to do it.

It’s all about give and take, we encourage discussions in the office, both to do with work and personal conversations, as a result we get some great banter; social media is effectively about doing the same but on the Internet, so whats the difference?

I believe though by allowing all this we get a massive increase in workplace happiness and, when we have a question or want to push some content, we can all go out to all our networks and because we have time to build these relationships it’s more efficient.

Brand evangelists

To really get your brand out there online you need brand evangelists, people who really like what you do and will push your content / services, stand up for you, give you feedback, etc. And who better to be involved than the people who work for your company? They know their part of the process to a ‘T’ and, if you’re doing things right, love the company and what it stands for; to me these can be your best brand ambassadors.

What platforms??

To me I would say any of them, Twitter and Google plus are fantastic where Facebook perhaps doesn’t offer that much of a benefit to employers, but we find people share from our company page too so there’s still a benefit.

Like I said earlier, if you have the right people they won’t abuse the system but feel empowered to help build the company brand and get involved and at the same time they get to increase their personal brand in work time – a real win win.


Social properties are both social and personal; and no company in my opinion can lay claim to them. The company just has to accept that they will get a benefit whilst the employee is with them. Also, if you keep people happy, they don’t tend to leave as much; whereas restrict them too much and they will just go somewhere more forward thinking that doesn’t.

The survey

I would like to get some data together to see what the general feeling is, so please fill it in.

What do you think??
Comment below and let me know what you think and please be sure to fill in the survey as I will be putting something together to get some cool stats.

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