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James Perrin

What is Video Marketing and How do you Benefit?

1st Apr 2011 Social Media, Video Marketing 3 minutes to read

As the internet evolves and web trends diversify, new marketing techniques emerge. Companies and businesses don’t want to get left behind and are constantly thinking of new ways to reach new audiences.

Well, take a bow video marketing. Not only is this an emerging marketing platform, but in recent times it has fully established itself as an effective way for businesses across a variety of sectors to promote new products and services. For those who are new to this platform, we shall take a look at what video marketing is and how you can benefit.

What is video marketing?

The answers to this question comes from two perspectives, making a video for marketing purposes, and marketing an existing video.

Videos are often initially made to market the products or services of a company in the format of a video. But what next? This video then needs to distributed effectively so that people actually get to see it, and that’s where video marketing comes in.

The most common way to market a video is to host this on your website and video hosting sites such as Youtube and Dailymotion. By hosting on your website, you are marketing to people who are already visiting your site, creating an unrivalled level of engagement through effective direct marketing.

When a video is hosted on a social media site such as YouTube this video is there ready to been seen by a whole host of fresh eyes. Yet it needs to be marketed in a way that is targeted to the right eyes. You want to promote a service or a product and you want to engage with users so they will visit your website. In this case, you want to create brand awareness. However just like with search engines, it’s crucial that your video is actually seen by users, and video marketing is proving to be the answer.

What Are the Benefits?

Done correctly, the benefits are far reaching, but as I stress, video marketing needs to be created and managed correctly for it to be effective. If not, your video will be as visible as plankton is in the ocean. It is crucial that your video is seen and that you are seen as a result. So why should you consider video marketing then?

•    Brand Awareness
•    Engage with Social Media
•    Gaining Links
•    Increased Online Visibility
•    Improved Visitors and Sales

By engaging with social media websites such as Facebook, Myspace and Youtube, you will be increasing the exposure of you brand tremendously. Websites such as Facebook and Myspace use the video medium as part of their functionality and are constantly evolving to allow brands greater effectiveness for promotion [See: Social Media Marketing: Facebook Switch to iFrames].

Using videos on social media websites opens your brands to a whole new audience, and allows you to interact with users in a way that will direct traffic to your site. Videos that are hosted on video sites should contain a link back to your site, which again is an effective way of generating traffic and improving your number of visitors.

Web videos can help any business make a bigger impact with their online marketing efforts; visualise your content and let people see what you are promoting. Using this medium correctly can help boost your marketing campaign and the proof is in the pudding. Having a message that is heard is important, so a carefully managed video marketing campaign can increase your company’s exposure, drive traffic to your website and push sales as a result.

That’s the key here, managed optimisation. Video is incorporated into search engine results and has become a massive sector for marketing, but by taking advantage of optimisation and a well managed campaign you can be rest assured your video will be seen by the people you want to see it.

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James Perrin
About the author

James Perrin

Content Marketing Manager, James Perrin is a regular contributor to the Koozai blog. Well experienced in sales and marketing, James also has a passion for journalism and media, especially new media. From the latest industry related new stories to copywriting advice, James will provide you with plenty of digital marketing information.


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