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Stephen Logan

Why SEO is still vital to your site’s success

21st Jul 2009 SEO 2 minutes to read

Ensuring your website maintains decent visibility online can seem like an uphill struggle. There are so many things that you can do to generate a little extra buzz around your brand, but for long-term growth, SEO is still king.

The multi-faceted system of processes and procedures can appear daunting initially, particularly as results may take some time to become fully noticeable. SEO is no quick fix. It is a constant evolution of a site that should ultimately make it more attractive to the all-important search engines. Through continual development and an in-depth understanding of the latest techniques and industry practices you can make your website stronger and more visible.

Search engine optimisation does have its critics though, there’s no hiding from that fact. Some see SEO as a system that somehow ‘games’ the search engines; helping promote sites to an unrealistic position in Google. But if you are the owner of a small business or have a new site and don’t understand what is needed to appease search engines, then you’re already facing an uphill struggle to compete. SEO should in fact be seen as the great leveller – promoting those sites who actually make the effort to improve their site rather than taking top spot for granted.

It’s safe to assume that many site owners, particularly if they come from an offline environment, don’t know all there is to know about SEO. In fact some may only have a basic understanding of what exactly it entails. Meta, HTML, H1 headers, it can just sound like a jumble of initialisations and jargon. However, due to the importance of SEO to your site’s success, it is vital that you are able to get to grips with this whole process.

A full-time webmaster will often be able to provide the kind of dedicated support you need to optimise each page of a website. An alternative to this would be to hire an SEO agency, they too will be able to help you understand exactly where your site is falling down and implement the changes needed to ensure it succeeds.

Boosting a website is a cooperative process though. It takes a good deal of effort on all sides to get your site ranking right at the top of the search engines. There’s no SEO magic wand that can instantly give you a PageRank that will boost traffic exponentially. To get there you need keyword optimised copy, straightforward navigation and an SEO strategy that will hold it all together.

Social media and PPC can provide instant traffic, but can’t match the continual draw that 24 hour visibility on search engines affords you. It’s a unique environment, in which he who shouts loudest isn’t always heard. If you want your site to really compete you need an integrated strategy with SEO very much at the forefront.

SEO is the unseen foundation to every website. But whilst it may stay out of sight to us, it’s the very essence of how websites are ranked by the search engine spiders. Without the continual traffic that the search engines provide, your site may never reach its potential.

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