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Lucy Griffiths

What are the Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising?

21st May 2009 Paid Search, SEO 2 minutes to read

Pay Per Click or PPC is a fast growing method of producing dramatic results for your business by advertising your products or services online. These are just some of the benefits:

  • Precision: In a results oriented culture, being able to precisely target interested customers and clients is vital. The efficacy of PPC has been particularly demonstrated through the precision that the ads offer the advertiser. PPC allows greater control over who arrives at your website and through which keywords. This level of control is important to ensure that the correct customers are targeted.
  • Budget Control: PPC allows complete control over what you spend on advertising. Campaigns can be arranged with a daily budget and this can be increased or reduced depending upon changes in your business.
  • Ease of Measurement: Measuring the success of your advertising campaigns is very easy with PPC. Pay Per Click systems come with the type of tools that allow the advertiser to analyse the success of their online ads. By creating specific landing pages for each different ad, you can see how effective the ads are at driving traffic towards your site. The analytical systems will also allow you to directly measure the conversion rate of specific ads from ad to sale.
  • Geo-Targeting: The ability for the advertiser to geo-target specific locations is one of the greatest benefits of PPC. By choosing precisely where in the world you want ads to appear, you can increase your global marketing or decrease your costs. Unfortunately there are still companies across the world advertising their services in countries where customers cannot buy them. Whilst this might expand the presence of the global brand, it is also a waste of valuable finances during this difficult economic period.
  • Speed of Execution: Each aspect of PPC is quick to set up and execute. You should always write the ads in advance, but the actual mechanical creation time is very short. Once created, the ads can be up and earning you money within minutes. What’s more, in terms of speed, the time taken from click to sale has been drastically reduced to potentially a matter of minutes. Traditional advertising on television or in the newspaper simply cannot compete on any level with the efficacy of PPC.
  • Capture Visitors: One of the strengths of PPC is its power to capture visitors. Someone searching for your keywords will be attracted to a well-written PPC ad. Once you’ve got that person to click your ad, you can use your website to help them make whatever decision you require.
  • Boosting Brand Awareness: PPC is a successful way of increasing brand awareness. The complete control the advertiser has over the entire process allows them to easily promote their brand. Not only is each ad a potential sale, but even those users that do not click the ad are aware of the brand without the advertiser spending any money.

Pay per click is an exceptionally successful way to increase qualified traffic to your website but is only one part of a fully integrated marketing mix.

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