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Stephen Logan

Understanding Keywords

29th Apr 2009 Content Marketing, SEO 2 minutes to read

Internet marketing professionals and SEO copywriters are always discussing the importance of keywords; but what exactly are they and what can keywords do for your site?

A keyword by its very definition is simply an important term, phrase or, of course, word. Whenever you visit a high ranking website you can be sure that someone somewhere has been optimising the site for keywords throughout. As with any SEO technique, they are designed to coincide with, and even premeditate, what Internet users are searching for in search engines.

Keyword Optimised Site Copy

The frequency with which the keywords are used, obviously within reason, will ultimately help your site achieve a better ranking for particular phrases. Some keywords are clearly more popular than others, so an important part of any good strategy is picking up on special niches. In a crowded marketplace like the Internet you have to find ways to make yourself visible, which is where a watertight SEO strategy, backed up by keywords, is invaluable.

Depending on the size and content of your site, the keywords could range from just a few essential phrases to hundreds of individual terms. Ultimately they are a reflection of what your company offers; whether that’s something as simple as a single specialist product or a complex construction of various brands and categories all from a range of different fields. Driving traffic to a site is no simple task though, so ensuring each page is optimised with relevant wording and as much quality content as you can muster is absolutely essential.

Boost Website Search Engine Visibility

Whilst Internet copywriting is, or at least should be, a largely organic process, keywords help to give you added focus and ensure that your copy remains on target; both for your audience and search engine spiders. In the bad old days you could fill pages with impenetrable language offering a keyword density that was so baffling it rendered the text unreadable. Search engines such as Yahoo, MSN and Google have made huge strides in eliminating such sites from their rankings; they have instead given greater weight to those who offer copy that is relevant, regularly updated and offers genuine quality.

Therefore you need to avoid the temptation of endlessly repeating the same phrase in the misguided hope that it will convert to ranking domination. There’s a fine balance to tread and everyone has their own opinion of what density is acceptable these days. But as long as your keywords are used within a free-flowing and informative body copy and in a natural manner, you should be on to a winner. Including them in Header 1 (H1) tags, Meta tags and sub-headings (H2 tags) will also help to really optimise your site’s content.

Copy plays a large part in the success and failure of any site. Attempting to cut corners and doing it all yourself or outsourcing to the cheapest available supplier can invariably end in disaster. Koozai offer a professional SEO copywriting service to suit businesses of all sizes, helping to provide quality copy that can really make a difference.

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