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16th Nov 2009 SEO Blog, SEO Resources 3 minutes to read

By following some straightforward Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) fundamentals, you can be sure that your site is ready to be indexed by the search engines and all set to meet your objectives.

S is for Searches

Keyword research will show you which search terms are most commonly used by searchers. It is important that you optimise your site for keywords and phrases which will be searched for; otherwise your site may be ranking high in the search engines for terms that very few people search for.

I is for Index

It is important that your site is indexed often by the different search engines.  One way to ensure that the search engines keep coming back is to repeatedly add fresh content to your website. A blog or latest news section allows you to add new content to your site with affecting any current on-page body copy. A WordPress blog is free and you can then theme it to match your site – SIMPLE!

Remember it doesn’t have to be a 500 word post, (even though an occasional one this long is good) a short paragraph about some industry news will suffice. As long as it is related to your website or industry and is of interest then that should be more than sufficient.

M is for Money

Not really a SEO tip, but the reason you’re doing SEO in the first place is to meet your site’s objective, which in 90% of cases is to generate income.  If your website is not appearing in the search engine results for terms that have commercial intent, then ultimately your site is not being run profitably.

P is for People

Don’t forget people when you are reviewing your SEO strategy. Even though your website should be search engine friendly, visitors to your site should not be put off; after all, they are the ones with pounds in their pocket ready to spend on your site and hopefully make you are profit.

Optimising your site goes hand in hand with making your site user friendly. It is important that the site is easy to navigate around and you should test your shopping cart to make sure that there are no barriers to checkout.

L is for Links

Inbound links to your domain from other websites will allow the search engines to frequently find your site and hopefully keep coming back to it by way of these links.

Don’t forget, it’s not the  external links into your site that are important, ensuring your internal linking structure is optimised and functions effectively is essential too.  You can replace ‘Click Here’ on the pages of your site with optimised anchor text, which will help to strengthen your internal link profile. Internal links will also help visitors to the site to navigate with greater ease, whilst also sending them straight to money pages.

E is for Engines

Please don’t forget that Google is not the only search engine. Of course it is the main search engine which the majority of searchers use, but there are other search engines out there to optimised for; these include Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

To improve your website within the search engine rankings you need to be patient; all changes you make will first have to be indexed by the search engines, which can take time. To see significant improvements you may need to wait anything from a couple of weeks to months.

A number one ranking in one of the other search engines may not deliver hundreds of visitors, but the quality of those visitors may still be good and could result in additional revenue, which previously you may have been missing out on.

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