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Stephen Logan

Google Services for Websites Update Announced

12th Aug 2009 News, Industry News, SEO Blog, SEO Resources 1 minute to read

The Google Services for Websites package has recently received a bit of a revamp. Designed to help manage either your own or a range client sites easily, the latest updates will no doubt be welcomed with open arms by Webmasters everywhere.


Fundamentally the original Google Services for Websites was designed to show you exactly how your site was perceived by Google; where it failed, where it succeeded and how it was performing generally. With the new updates, this process has been speeded up whilst also integrating a number of new useful tools.

The first of these new tools is Web Elements. This is basically a simplified way of integrating applications including YouTube videos, presentations and maps. Through straightforward drag and click coding you can have a site bulging with useful information for your visitors. You can also interact with site users and others around you with Conversation Element whilst also searching across your own or other site with Custom Search. All of which is designed to make websites more engaging without becoming overly complicated to manage or implement changes.

The speed at which your page loads and responds is also critical to how well your site as a whole performs. If visitors are left waiting too long to see what you have to offer, you can be sure that they’ll take their business elsewhere pretty sharpish. Page Speed not only shows you how your website is performing but also provides tools and tips to help counteract latency issues.

If you’re a website hoster then the Tips for Hosters tool might be right up your street. It’ll help you to optimise your hosting platform to make it more accessible and, hopefully, more profitable. By integrating other Google Tools including Translator and Analytics to ensure you’re finding the right audience and are able to communicate with them in their language.

Of course not everybody chooses to use – or is in fact able to use – the Google Services for Websites package; but from our experience and how these new changes are shaping up, it really is invaluable. The added efficiency and in-depth knowledge it provides on visitor activity and expectations can make the difference between online mediocrity and success.

To find out more about the new updates as well as all existing services, visit the Google Blog.

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