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45 Tips From SearchLove London Day 2

29th Oct 2013 SEO Blog 7 minutes to read

SearchLove London Day 1We’re back at the SearchLove conference with nine more talks covering everything from storytelling to mobile optimisation, persuasive web design to winning fans. We’ll be updating this post throughout the day with each of the talks so be sure to check back later.

Telling Stories

By Danny Scheinmann, Storyteller

  • We are always chasing stories – sports, news, movies, books, seeing friends etc. – everything contains stories.
  • When we hear a good story we are more likely to spend money. This does not happen with just hearing data. We need a story with the data embedded, then more people remember.
  • When you tell a story about an object its value increases. He gave the example of a journalist who bought random items and sold them with a story attached, the value increased by 2700%.
  • The Dove real beauty campaign went against convention and succeeded in telling a very powerful story. This increased the brand value from $1 billion to $2 billion.
  • Brand who centre their business on improving peoples lives see their brand grow by triple compared to competitors. It is vital you explain why you are doing something and how.

Culturability: Are You Alienating Half Your Audience?

By Nathalie Nahai, The Web Psychologist (@thewebpsych)

  • The difference between persuasion and manipulation is your intent. Think about how you can help your customers.
  • The behaviour of customers is becoming increasingly variable from country to country. The way we use websites changes too.
  • We have different levels of uncertainty avoidance (how happy we are with uncertainty) in different countries. Website text and images should reflect the country view on this.
  • In the UK we are very focused on short term goals, China on the other hand is very focused on long term goals.
  • We are a very indulgent society in the UK. We have more desire for control over our own lives.

Graph Theory: The Most Important Theory In Search That No One Talks About

By Kelvin Newman, BrightonSEO (@kelvinnewman)

  • The link graph is how links between sites influence the web. The social graph is the same for social media. The knowledge graph looks at connections between data. Graph theory is a mathematical model for any system involving binary relationships. It looks at the connection between things.
  • Google used to consider links that were more likely to get clicks as having more value. This changed to a view of the links more likely to get traffic as having more value. Now it is moving more socially focused.
  • Google’s algorithm is focused on documents and links. Facebook is focused on things and the relationship between them. When you search on Facebook you aren’t really searching, you are filtering the data they have.
  • The knowledge graph has been a massive shift in the way Google presents results. Not just for information but also for commercial queries. They are tying to help you find answers. Sometimes this means people won’t need to leave Google to get these answers.
  • Look at Freebase and DBpedia to learn how other databases and connections work. If any of your keywords contain an entity on these sites then Google may pull it in to results rather than sending you traffic.

So, You Have A Mobile Friendly Website, What Now?

By Bridget Randolph, Distilled (@bridgetrandolph)

  • 40% of people have used a competitors site because of a poor Mobile site. You have to make mobile a core part of the customers journey. 77% of mobile searches happen near a PC not actually on the go.
  • Create content once and publish everywhere in different formats. You have to resize and move elements on mobiles to fit the user journey. Sync user accounts across platforms so you keep their activities in place.
  • Bravissimo got a 600% increase in PPC revenue by only showing swimwear adverts to people in sunny locations.
  • Bestbuy faced showrooming head on by having staff use tablets to check competitor prices and then matching them.
  • Mobile spend is expected to be 15% of all retail sales by the end of 2013. Remember to only ask for details essential for a form.

Savage Creatures And Vile Passions; The Lessons Of Communication By Contagion

By Mark Borkowski, Publicist (@markborkowski)

  • The CEO of Pepsi recently said “don’t bring me media plans, bring me stories.”
  • We see more big brands being brought down by smaller ones now than ever before.
  • 7.5 million Wispa bars were sold on the first day it came back without any advertising spend. It was all social. The power of the crowd was essential in this.
  • There are 60,000 PRs in the UK and only 40,000 journalists. There is an overload of stories. Illuminating, funny, sexy, cute, spectacular or shocking stories are those that do well. Celebrity, topical, controversial topics are also popular.
  • The things that had social value have changed as our values have changed over time. The newer generation do not care about old values.

How To Win Fans And Influence Users

By Chris Bennett, 97th Floor (@chrisbennett)

  • We should be thanking Google for their algorithm updates as they forced us to evolve towards great content.
  • Whatever you want a client to do, find a competitor who does it well and show it to them. Re-purpose content for a different market. This is a great way to get more buy-in for bigger projects.
  • Turn infographics into Slideshare presentations and also embed then on your site with the Infographic. If a piece of content does well, look at similar topics you could do.
  • Optimise for Open Graph with tags so when people share content it has the images and text you want. Also Twitter cards work very well in a similar way.
  • Nuvi app is good for tracking mentions.

Goodbye Spam, Hello Data!

By Paul Madden, LinkRisk (@PaulDavidMadden)

  • Spammers adapted from making millions of pages to getting millions of links.
  • You need to know the risk of every link you have placed before and every link you will place in the future.
  • You must confirm if you have a penalty before you do anything. Check Webmaster Tools. You can’t guarantee the removal of a penalty. Read Google Webmaster Guidelines on link schemes to see what you did wrong.
  • Get as many of your links in a spreadsheet from Majestic, Moz OSE and Webmaster tools. Then sort through them to identify those you can remove or disavow or keep.
  • Two attempts to get links removed is usually enough to get them removed or prove to Google you tried. Links are not seen as removed until Google reaches them.

5 Steps To Persuasive Web Design

By Peep Laja, ConversionXL (@peeplaja)

  • Most of the decisions we make are instant without much thought behind them. When we have to rationalise our decisions we often make different choices.
  • Our brain processes visuals 50 times faster than text. So explain your product in visuals. First impressions of websites are 94% focused on visuals. Visual appeal is more important than usability.
  • If a website has low visual complexity and a familiar layout people are more likely to find it attractive. The more white space we have the more we focus people’s attention.
  • 80% of viewing attention is focused above the fold. Using images of people is very good for capturing attention.
  • No paragraph should be longer than 4 lines and every 2 paragraphs should have a sub heading. Downward triangles are great for getting people to read down. Badges on products help get more downloads. Make your product images bigger where you can.

Making Your Mark Online: Local Business Edition

By Will Critchlow, Distilled (@willreynolds)

  • Small business have the advantage of being agile, closely nit teams who understand the product amazingly well. If you are really good at what you do, that makes marketing far easier as others will talk about you.
  • Invite bloggers and influencers to try your product. Small brands have the advantage of being personal without having to fake it. In small business you have to do stuff that won’t scale, that is the advantage you have, do it whilst you can.
  • Expect early results if something is going to work. This could be a small sign but there needs to be something. Then you need to invest in it.
  • Talk to other local businesses and invite them to try your product or service.
  • Evergreen content is far more important and easier to invest in for small businesses.

That’s it, another SearchLove over. We hope you’ve found these tips useful. Were you at the conference? Share your key takeaways in the comments below.

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