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Optimising Your Google Plus Pages

29th Nov 2011 SEO Blog, Social Media 3 minutes to read

Google PlusGoogle Plus is Google’s latest punt into the social media platform. To date there are roughly 50 million users already signed up. With the introduction of business pages we can expect this to increase quite rapidly. You may already have a profile set up but have you optimised it?

Just like Facebook profiles, your Google Plus profile can rank. But if you are looking to promote more than just yourself then these pointers may also help you rank for the services you provide, your skills or products.

Personal Profiles
If you are looking to optimise your personal Google Plus page, then you will need to work on the following areas:

Your Google Plus profile will be displayed much like any other page within the SERP’s, so it’s important that you have the right information in place. Here is where your Meta is taken from:

Title Tag – When you create your Google Plus page for the first time make sure you use your correct name. Don’t use a nickname or a screen name. The information you use here will serve as your Title Tag. So make sure you use your name.

Meta Description – The information for this tag is taken from two different locations:

  • The text that is placed directly below your user name and the Introduction section on your “About” page.
  • The text that appears below your title is the information that will appear first in the description.

As with any SEO work, including keyterms in the content is highly important. The About section is where you are able to include a decent amount of information. There is no need to be brief here and you can go into depth with your information.

This should of course be unique content. Don’t copy and paste from your site or other sites.

Optimised Links
Links can be included within the introduction field on your “About” page.

These links are DoFollow. So basically this is a free way to gain an optimised link from a Google platform.
As with any web page don’t over do it and fill the page full of links.

Images included within your Photo section have the potential to appear in Google Images (unless your privacy settings state otherwise).

Make sure you add caption information. Use keywords if relevant to help you appear for related searches.

Business Profile Page
If you are setting up a Business Google Plus page then much like Facebook you have a number of options to choose from:

  • Local Business or Place

This option allows you to create your business page using your Google Places profile information. Adding your phone number on the opening page does this. A map is automatically added to your page along with the address.

Be sure to fill in all fields provided. As with a personal page you can add optimised links to your introduction. Make sure you add your URL and opening hours.

  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organisation
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports

To create these types of pages you will need to the page name and the category most appropriate to the products or services you are promoting.

Adding your website URL is optional but leaving it out could mean you miss out on traffic to your site.

  • Other

To create any other page you have the same options as the last three except you don’t get to add your page to a category.

Optimising these pages is the same as personal pages.

Make sure you have all the key areas completed. Include keyterms and optimised links.

Fill in all fields to make sure your profile is as complete as possible.

Social Signals
Content included within your Google Plus profile isn’t (as yet) officially listed as a ranking factor with Google. However I personally find it very hard to believe that having all this information pass through Google isn’t going to have an impact somewhere along the lines.

By sharing your content you are also providing people within your circles another avenue to “+1” your posts. There is a lot of debate at the moment as to just how influential this vote is at present. Again I would be highly surprised if these signals didn’t have any effect on rankings.

Regardless of whether content you add, links you include are going to be beneficial to your rankings, Google Plus is an excellent platform for feeding your sites content directly into Google.

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