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Mike Essex

Keyword Eye Review: The Visual Keyword Suggestion Tool

7th Sep 2010 SEO 3 minutes to read

This article takes a look at the new Tool; ‘Keyword Eye’ and its rather adventurous stance as a Visual Keyword Suggestion Tool. Including real world examples on how SEO Agencies can use this tool to discover new keywords in a matter of seconds.

What is Keyword Eye?

Keyword Eye is located at http://www.keywordeye.com/ and works by pulling data from the Google keyword tool. Rather than presenting this data in tabular format the tool instead takes on the form of a tag cloud and shows keywords with larger search volume in a larger font. Based on this you see the most searched for words very quickly.

Google fans will argue this could easily be done by sorting the search volume column on the Google Keyword tool and that’s certainly true. However Keyword Eye has another trick up its sleeve; colours. Each keyword is given a colour from green to red based on the competition, green keywords have a low competition, reds have highest.

Putting these two elements together allows for an at a glance look at which keywords have larger target markets but are achievable. You can then factor this in based on the size of your client’s site and determine whether you can aim for amber keywords, or must settle for green keywords.

Let’s try this with a real world example for the term ‘Acoustic Guitar’

Based on this image I can see straight away that ‘acoustic songs guitar’ has a fairly strong size and is coloured in green. The tool also lets me hover over any keyword to see the exact search volume, very useful if the overall universe for keywords is very large as even smaller words may have a good search volume. In this case there are 27,100 estimated searches a month and low competition. The term is unusual, certainly not something you’d guess so it’s a good opportunity I may have ignored on the keyword tool alone. There are some good amber keywords to consider as well.

Editing and Refining Keyword Results
The tool is expanded further through an Edit option that lets you narrow down the results. Within this option you can choose the country to look at, the keyword match type or filter the data to only show keywords with set competition or search volume. You can remove negative keywords and it’s also possible to order the image by search volume or competition, making it even easier to spot the best keywords.

Another example for ”London Events” further illustrates this point:

Keyword Eye - London Events

I’ve only chosen to show items with a low competition and instantly it’s clear people like to search for the location and a day of the week. Seasons, types of events and months also feature giving me many more ideas to explore and target. Based on this I may even decide to carry out landing page optimisation by creating pages for each day of the week with events. People clearly want this information, and based on competition it isn’t well targeted.

Add Some Design to your Data
Last but not least there’s 3D and Pie Chart options for displaying the data. 3D looks nice but is too complex for actual keyword research, whilst the pie chart is handy for determining which items are gathering the most searches. For example if we look at “Concert Tickets” we can see Cliff Richard is the most popular concert:

Keyword Eye - Concert Tickets

Pay Per Click Research
For a PPC twist on the tool the pie chart is a great way to see really popular searches that might eat away at your budget. If you don’t sell Cliff Richard tickets then this keyword would be an instant negative to add. Even online store owners could use the tool to decide what to stock – by looking at the popular searches in graph form it helps a store know how to order their stock levels in anticipation of demand.

Data Exports
Once you’ve analysed the data clicking a keyword adds it to a list on the left which you can export as text or a CSV. Sadly this loses the search volume and competition data so you should carry out your analysis in keyword eye before exporting any data.

The Verdict
On the whole Keyword Eye is a revelation and saves a lot of time in comparison to complex Excel formula and pivot tables. For instant visualisation of these two data streams it is a unique and refreshing tool. Naturally it’s only as accurate as the Google data provided, but for another way to dissect and analyse data it’s definitely one to watch.

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