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Google AdWords Ad Extensions – Part 4 of 4 – Call Extensions

6th Sep 2011 Paid Search, Google AdWords, Paid Search, SEO 3 minutes to read

PhoneI have already gone through the top three AdWords Ad Extensions in the past weeks – initially planned as a three part series. As I concluded the last post on Product Extensions, I felt it would be a shame to miss out on Call Extensions, especially with the growing market for mobile search.

I hope this fourth (bonus) part of my  AdWords Ad Extension series can be of use!

Call Extension is an AdWords ad extension that enables you to add your business’ phone number to the bottom of your ad copy. At the moment call extension only works on high-end mobile devices such as Apple iPhones or Android smart phones.

The whole Call Extensions feature revolves around the “click-to-call” feature. This means searchers who see your ads on Google can simply click on the phone number to call you directly, instead of remembering the number and dialling manually. This not only gives your ad more visibility, authority, but most importantly, makes it easier for potential customers to contact you.

Two ways of implementing click-to-call feature

The click to call feature can be implemented in two different ways. You can use Location Extensions to add your phone number, it will display as a click-to-call link when the Location Extension is triggered, i.e. if they are currently close to your business location or is searching with a location keyword (e.g. solicitors in London). The Other way of enabling click-to-call, regardless of the searcher’s location, is to add your phone number in call extensions. I will be going through both methods below.

One advantage of having two different methods is Location Extension and Call Extension can work together, enabling you to show a unique number to searchers around your business with Location Extension, and another number for all other searchers with Call Extension.

Setting up Click-to-call with Location Extensions – searchers around your business

  • Setup Location Extensions with your campaign (See my other post on “AdWords Ad Extensions – Location Extensions” for a detailed step by step guide).

  • Select the campaign to wish to add click-to-call, make sure you include your phone number when entering your location information.

  • Go to settings tab of the same campaign and opt-in to show your ad on mobile devices – it is highly advised you create a separate campaign for mobile advertising only.

Setting up click-to-call with Call Extensions – searchers in any location

  • Login to your AdWords account, click on the “Ad Extensions” tab, if it is not visible you will need to enable it in the drop menu.

  • Select “View: Call Extensions” from the menu below the main tabs and click on the “New Extension” button.

  • Select the campaign you wish to add Call Extension to, select your Country and enter your business’ phone number. “Call-only” format means only your phone number will be clickable, stopping people from clicking through to your website.

  • Again, it is highly recommended you create a separate campaign for mobiles only – click-to-call only works on mobile devices. To do this, go to the settings tab of a campaign and change devices to “mobile devices with full browsers”.

That’s it, this is really is the very last post in this unique four part trilogy! As always, please feel free to comment below with any questions. Check out other posts of Google AdWords ad extensions series below:


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