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Hannah Goodwin

Enhancing Your Profile In The SEO Industry #DigitalFemales

23rd Mar 2012 SEO 3 minutes to read

On Wednesday 21st March, at The Long Acre in London, over 50 ladies attended the second #DigitalFemales Meetup. Special thanks to Manual Link Building who kindly sponsored this meetup, putting £500 behind the bar. There were many familiar faces from the first Meetup held in February and lots of new faces from a variety of Companies which was good to see.

Lisa Myers kindly offered to speak at this event, on the chosen topic of ‘Enhancing Your Profile in the SEO Industry’. Here’s some more information of the event, and Lisa’s presentation.

Lisa is the CEO of SEO & Social Media agency Verve Search, she is the founder of the blog SEO-Chicks.com and co-founder of StateofSearch.com. With over 10 years of experience in marketing Lisa’s presentation bought a knowledgeable and fun approach to helping create a personal profile in the SEO Industry .

The Presentation Slides

View more presentations from Lisa Myers
Key Tips to Takeaway

When raising your profile it is important to think about the qualities and factors which are:

3 Important Qualities

  • Passion – having passion in what you do
  • Knowledge – having the knowledge behind you
  • Attitude – having the right attitude

5 Important Factors


Getting to know people within your industry will help to get your name out there. Attend networking events; you will make friends and by building relationships you will make new contacts.

Social networking, which includes Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to name but a few, here you can follow, listen, engage, communicate and meet up. A very good point Lisa raised was not to take it personally if people don’t accept your requests straight away.


This is your voice on the web and when blogging it is important not to think about it, just do it! Prove you know what you are talking about; it is your opportunity to get your views across. By blogging you are starting to build your own profile, a good platform to use when doing this is WordPress. Have a blog on your domain and here you will own your own links.

Guest blogging is where you write articles or content for a website that is not owned by yourself, a great way of getting links back to your profile. It is regarded of being one of the most productive ways of increasing the visibility of a web page as well as a page rank.


When speaking at conferences, you don’t need to start small, as the saying goes the ‘bigger the better’. It is all about having confidence in yourself and self-belief.

A few top tips when speaking:

  • Pitch early
  • Don’t waffle or use big words
  • Use bullet points, they are straight to the point
  • Don’t be shy, believe in yourself, brag a little
  • Believe from the start you can do it and show confidence in what you are talking about
  • Finally – TRY IT – JUST GO WITH IT!

Pay It Forward

Share your knowledge with others; there are many ways you can do this:

  • Training – set up training days to help educate others
  • Best Practice Guides/ White Papers
  • Guest Blogging
  • Articles
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Lecturing at Universities

Some people think you can’t have a career or profile when you have children, this is not true. Use your family to your advantage, your experience of having children will help you to be able to organise better.

Rules of Engagement

There are 3 main rules to remember

  • Be humble
  • Be nice
  • Take the time to talk to people, give advice or time just to get to know them

It is important to remember nobody is perfect; you have to take the rough with the smooth. It is always good to share your ‘lows’ as well as your ‘highs’; people can learn from your experiences. When connecting with people it is all about showing vulnerability, it is forgotten a lot of the time that we are only human.

Quote of the Evening

‘It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are.’ by David Brinkley


Overall the evening was fun, full of interesting and friendly advice and for me getting to meet new people within the Industry in a relaxed environment was a huge highlight. Lisa’s approach to this topic has enabled me to take away from the evening lots of interesting and important points to consider when raising your profile. The most important point for me that I have learnt is to ‘Be Proud and Just Do It!’


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Hannah Goodwin

Financial Controller

Hannah has completed a tough mudder and is a big fan of horses. She keeps us all in check here at Koozai but if you want something quickly from her, we recommend offering some gin or anything related to Tom Hardy.

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