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Day 2 Write Up – #iStrategy Conference London

23rd May 2012 Uncategorised 9 minutes to read

After a fantastic first day, which provided some excellent social insights, I was really looking forward to day 2 and the opening keynote from genuine content pioneers, Red Bull.

Using Content To Complement Your Brand

Alexander Koppel, Red Bull Media House | @redbull

Brands – it’s all about content

Old media (i.e TV) hasn’t changed but new media has (I.e search and social)

Red Bull has a media house in Austria and a subsidiary in the US

Red Bull operate in 160 countries

Their major asset is content

Not just content creation but utilising each channel properly

Red Bull built production units for both still and moving images to create high quality productions around different niche sports and sportspeople (for example extreme sports, motorsports, etc)

Red Bull are a 360 degree media business

They are the 3rd most influential brand globally:

  • 28 Million Facebook fans
  • 280 Million YouTube views
  • 600,000 Twitter followers

They have 100+ hours of content on YouTube

They are the 2nd most influential brand on YouTube

Their ‘Art of Flight’ trailer received 4 Million page views

Through digital it received £200,000 worth of downloads

ZMOT influences which brands make the shopping list and Red Bull focus heavily on this

Companies need to build up their structures and internal media capability

Develop your assets and integrate your product into you media business to differentiate your business

Online Video: Great To Watch, Even Better To Share

Christer Holloman, First Tuesday | @holloman, Harry Davies, Google | @harrydavies, Philippe Perreaux, rightclearing | @phil_perreaux, Pete Blackshaw, Nestle | @pblackshaw, Rebecca Powell, ebuzzing, @ebuzzingUK

Video is growing because of technological advances and the ease of distribution

People have always loved video, but it’s these advances that are causing explosive growth and increased sharing

The average person spends an hour a week watching online video

A third of the time the average person spends watching TV is online

Video is very emotive and is extremely powerful in advertising

The brands that use video well tell a story and make a quick impact

They also use exactly the right distribution channels

Get peoples attention, humour is a great way to achieve this

Content is king, distribution is queen

Nestle sells 1.2 Million products a day

Nestle have over 2,000 product lines worldwide

When Google created the skippable ad after 5 seconds they found brands that were clear as to who they were right at the start didn’t get skipped

Humorous ads also didn’t get skipped as they were fun from the start

Video length is becoming less important if the ads clear and fun (emotive)

Google’s summary: be clear, be fun and don’t worry about length with your online videos

Good video ads can make you want things you don’t even want or need (for example the Tipp-Ex YouTube ad)

In store buying decisions are heavily influenced by online advertising and emotive video

There is a direct correlation between ads that have lots of +1’s through AdWords social extensions and propensity to click (CTR)

Revolutionising Your Digital Spend

Jon Baron, Tagman | @tagmanjon – Viva Attribution!

A tag is a piece of software, the man stands for management

Tag management will give you a single view of your consumer

Tag management houses all of your tags from your online campaigns in one place, helping to make you more efficient

Tagman tracks revenue from last click conversions by channel (I.e. Display, PPC, Etc)

Tagman provides both last click vs. a flat attribution model

Look at flat attribution to identify efficiencies and achieve incremental revenue increases via other channels

Take learnings from effective last click revenue channels and implement them within other journeys (i.e. If affiliate drives a lot of revenue maybe run a similar campaign message via email)

TUI increased SEO spend 6x and PPC spend 3x after seeing those channels true contribution to overall revenue

Always use clean data and one cookie to attribute revenue (not 12 different ones!)

Understanding Facebook For Business

Alexander Schlaubitz, Director Marketing, EMEA Facebook –

900 Million people on Facebook

They tap into timeless behaviours and dynamics to make Facebook better for brands

They are a technology company that put a huge focus on understanding human behaviour when building their products and have psychologists to help them do this

Brands should engage in natural conversations with their consumers; engaging in this way will create word of mouth at scale

Don’t superimpose something on people, be real and be natural when engaging

Businesses can connect to friends of their customers friends

If you post something on Facebook about 10%-20% of your friends will see it in their news feed, so if a friend shares it or likes a brand, it can gain huge exposure

Sponsored stories can reach 75%-80% of your friends or fans

Facebook have a second algorithm that determines the resonance of a post (its stickiness) which they benchmark in categories (i.e. If a post gets 15 likes or more it gets boosted)

65% of most peoples connections are within the same country

Facebook have 425 Million mobile users

Each day 2 billion posts are liked and commented on

500 Million people log in each day

250 Million photos are uploaded each day

2 Million videos are uploaded a month

On average, users spend 7 hours on Facebook each month

Every business should have a Facebook page, should use ads and sponsored stories as well as develop apps

Connect with your customers and build fans using targeted ads – your fans should look like your current customers

Engage by interacting with your connections to build relationships and loyalty – this can be done by frequent high quality posting on your page

Influence and leverage word of mouth at scale – when your customers engage with your brand let their friends know about it

Integrate Facebook into your customer touch points to create a more meaningful experience

Best practises on Facebook include authenticity, transparency, sustainability

Stimulate people, don’t tell

Keep posts frequent and light to stay top of mind

Build over time and treat fans exclusively – do something special for them that’s not in the public domain

Don’t post once or twice and stop, don’t be fake and be true to your brand values – also give social and Facebook the time it deserves

Facebook allows you to put your brand where your customers are

Facebook have also rolled out sponsored stories to specifically target mobile users as this represents a huge percentage of their user base

Driving Sales Via Display: How To Leverage Real-Time Advertising

Bjorn Kvarby, Next Performance | @Kvarby

In 2007 Google acquired Doubleclick

In 2009 basic retargeting appeared in the market

Since 2010 display has grown hugely

Doubleclick and Appnexus are the two biggest ad exchanges

There are 500,000 impressions per second across all ad exchanges

Next Performance use 100 different criteria and make 100 millisecond automated decisions to determine what space to buy based on a 2nd price model

97% of people visiting a site leave without completing a transaction (Comscore Dec 2011)

Next generation dynamic retargeting is the answer

Tags are implemented on the clients website and the client provides a product feed, their algorithm then combines product intelligence with intent predictions

Understanding your audience and segmentation is key (how engaged is a prospect)

Low engaged prospects convert at 1% whereas highly engaged prospects convert at 3% on average; buyers convert at 7%

Tools like Next Performance provide unlimited segmentation (i.e. Must have visited at least 3 products in a certain category)

You must create multi-format retargeting ads based on device type (i.e. Mobile specific) Instead of focusing on clicks focus on sales and ROI

Use external signals and data to improve your display campaigns (for example bad weather may affect travel to a certain country)

Next Performance CTR’s are typically 6x higher than run of network display campaigns Conversion rates are typically 10x higher than other display channels

The iPitch

Bryan Tookey, Brandwatch | @bryantookey, Piotr Pawlak, Fun & Mobile | @funandmobile, Emmanuel Carraud, Magic Solver | @EmmanuelCarraud, Richard Jones, EngageSciences | @oldstriker, Jeremy Radcliffe, Kantar, Media Complete | @JeremyRadcliffe, Tash Whitmey, EHS 4D | @tashwhitmey

Six participants with six minutes each to pitch their business, their new technology and how they innovate in the most compelling way possible!

The entire delegation voted… and the winner was… Fun & Mobile for their drag and drop mobile app builder, Kinetise!!!

Redefining Market Success: Why ROI And Marketing Don’t Always Belong In The Same Sentence

Thomas Brown, Chartered Institute of Marketing | @thinkstuff, Georgios Kolovos, GE Capital | @gkolovos, Azeem Azar, Peer Index | @azeem, Delphine Remy-Boutang, IBM | @delphineRB, Joshua Graff, LinkedIn | @joshgraff, Marc Munier, Pure360 | @marcmunier

There was a change of focus to discuss data vs. creativity in marketing. Here’s some key takeaways:

Always have a marketing goal. What better goal than ROI Big companies, such as GE Capital, struggle to find innovative ideas that are scaleable and get buy in

You can almost over measure social media and kill creativity, namely due to the number of new platforms and metrics available

It shouldn’t be data vs. creativity, they are not mutually exclusive, you should make data driven marketing decisions

Customer data should allow you to be more thoughtful and creative when creating new marketing campaigns

Gartner say that CMO’s will soon be spending more on technology than CIO’s

Don’t measure Return on Investment only. Measure Return on Ignorance. What’s the bottom line of that?

Test new ideas and learn at the same time with 5%-10% of your budget

Going Global: How Ford Motor Company Sets The Tone For A Global Social Media Strategy

Alex Hultgren, Ford Motor Co. | @alexhultgren

In general people do not trust businesses to do what’s right

Consumers get around 3,500 brand messages a day

A problem is getting consumers attention

Ford are still a family run company to this day

Ford’s one goal is delivering profitable growth for all – one Ford – one vision

Ford have invested huge amounts in product development to create great products, so product quality matches the message they put out “the business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” – Henry Ford

90% of social media is just showing up – it’s the other half that’s hard

Ford have 10.2 Million worldwide Facebook fans and over 17 fan pages

When using social media create strong products, create engaging content, speak like your customers, let them speak and listen

Ford aren’t just competing with other car makers like VW, they’re competing with Justin Bieber and “Charlie bit my finger”

Their Explorer campaign received 99 Million impressions and 10,000 Facebook likes in 24 hours It also trended #1 on Twitter and #2 on Google trends

Their character ‘Doug’ created 2.4 Million YouTube views and got 2,600 Twitter followers. He also connected them to a new demographic of younger customers under the age of 30, which was their goal

Through social media Ford have been able to change peoples perception of their product quality, build peoples trust in the brand and they “dare people to tell them social media is not good business” – a great ending to his speech

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