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John Waghorn

Accessing News on Smartphones Increases 74% Compared to Previous Year

30th Mar 2012 SEO, Mobile Search, SEO 3 minutes to read

SmartphoneThe Internet is a hub of extensive information, and we choose to access this information in a number of ways.Gone are the days when you could only access the Internet via a desktop computer, as technology has changed and enabled web browsing via tablets, iPods and Smartphones.

As technology becomes accepted and adopted by consumers, trends will inevitably start to develop and this is the case here as a recent study has revealed that 37% of smartphone users, in what is referred to as the EU5, accessed news through an app or browser during January 2012.

The findings by comScore, a digital company measuring digital statistics, patterns and trends, found that the above statistic equated to a 74% increase when compared to the previous year. The EU5 simply refers to the five leading European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK). 82% of those within the before mentioned category also stated that they access news on a regular basis, and the UK saw the highest increase with 46.8% of people stating that they have accessed news sites at least once within the past month. The statistic that reveals 37% of smartphone users in the EU5 access news through an app or browser via their smartphone seems fairly insignificant by itself, but when you consider that this is a 74% increase on the previous year, this highlights how mobile trends are moving forward.

Mobility acts as one of the primary reasons for this increase. People live busy lives, and so by having the option to connect to apps and the Internet, they are more inclined to reads ‘news’ on the move. The adoption rate for smartphones will also have a direct influence over the above result, as more phones are available today which are Internet compatible. Companies such as Apple, Samsung and Blackberry all compete against one another in order to claim the biggest proportion in the market and also to offer customers the latest technology, making sure that they are at the forefront of technological advancements to increase profits.

People are changing how they consume media, and companies need to keep up-to-date with these changes because they offer an alternative way to generate conversions, traffic and revenue. Recent findings by Marin Software, reported on the Internet Advertising Bureau UK website, back this up as they found that the amount of mobile paid search clicks rose 180% from December 2011 to January 2012. They also stated that consumers are more inclined to click through from a paid search advert on mobile devices compared to desktop computers where there was a 54% difference.

Essentially, companies need to be aware of this change so that they can work with consumer habits and develop marketing strategies that capitalise on these changes. People access news via a range of platforms, so businesses need to make their information available on these platforms in the same way. Exposure across the board will be far more effective when it comes to pushing people towards your website. When this works alongside SEO and other marketing techniques such as setting up an app, you will begin to see the benefits of effective marketing.

Personally, I believe that in the future, mobile usage will only increase, whether this is over a monthly or a yearly basis time will tell. Although given the fact that during the recent Mobile World Congress it was predicted that there will be 24 billion connected devices around the globe by 2020, changing habits are certainly on the way. However, it’s hard to say what will happen in 8 years’ time as the current technologies we are using may become defunct, habits will once again change, and new platforms will become available.

Changing trends allow businesses to extend their audience through different platforms and also highlight the challenges in place for them to deliver their content efficiently through smaller screens. As these trends shift again, more companies should be doing all they can to provide users with an effective service through all available platforms and it’s best to get ahead of the game now as change is inevitable.

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Modern Smartphone With Application Icons via BigStock

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