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Arnold Ma

28 Top Link Building Resources

10th Oct 2011 SEO, Link Building, SEO, SEO, SEO Resources 4 minutes to read

28 Top Link Building ResourcesLink building is probably the most time-consuming part of SEO – something many webmasters are still confused about and do very little of, but we all it’s an essential part of SEO.

There are a lot of discussions around just HOW important link building is, such as, what are we going to do if/when Google changes their ranking algorithm and devalues links? The truth of the matter is, incoming links will continue to be an important factor in how search engines rank websites, it’s the bedrock of the internet as it stands today, and it connects everything to everything else.

However, there are many SEOs out there who do place too much emphasis on certain aspects of link building, especially the volume of links. Link building is not the be all and end all of SEO, you are not going to gain ranks just by spamming out thousands of poor quality links. If you could, everyone would just buy 10 million links from eBay for £12 (don’t do this…).

While the importance of incoming links will remain in the foreseeable future, please don’t think all links are made equal. Google and other search engines are continuously refining and improving their ranking algorithms – putting more weight on high authority and trusted links, at the same time devaluing low quality and spam links.

Spend your time wisely, be patient and acquire some worthy links to your websites, you will see results much faster than spamming out poor links. Not to mention you will sleep easier knowing there is no chance of you getting de-indexed by Google for questionable practices (*cough* buying links).

Below is a list of websites I use personally, organised into different categories, straight out of my black book! I can’t stress this enough, use the list responsibly, contribute good content, and you WILL see results.

Hub pages

Hub pages have been around for a long time, but some webmasters still don’t really know what they are. It’s simple, you register as a user, start posting articles, tutorials, reviews, anything you think people might want to read, and in return you can create a link in the content you publish. Below are websites to get you started, there are many more for you to discover.

Article submission

The next level up from hub pages, while hubs are more social based, articlessyndication is for the more serious content you wish to publish. Spend a little time and write some good compelling copy, article sites tend to have good authority and are great for high quality links.

Online PR

Using press releases as a link building method a little harder. Ideally you need a newsworthy event for this to work well, but when you do make sure you take full advantage of it. Below are some PR submission websites you can use to get your PR out there. For best results, put some time in and do your research, contact relevant journalists personally.

Wiki Pages

We all know Wikipedia, but not all of us have a brand that is “Wikipedia worthy”. Below are some wiki pages I have used in the past. Again, make sure the content you put up on your wiki is well written and worth reading. Wikis are like the new encyclopaedia, so make sure the information you provide is useful.


Many people think directories are outdated and hold little value, well they are partly right, there are many automated, low quality spamming directories out there, but there are also essential directories you need to be listed in. Below are some highly ranked and authoritative directories that I have used in the past. Some of them may not be easy to get listed in, but they wouldn’t be good if it were easy.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to get your site noticed, tag your site on the resources below and get your friends to tag your submissions as well. This will help your website with a lot of social exposure, if you get to the front page of social bookmarking sites you will automatically attract links and visitors.

That’s it for now, I hope this list has helped you to get started, you can expand on each category yourself depending how relevant it is to your own site. Remember… quality over quantity!

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Arnold Ma
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Arnold Ma

Arnold has a broad experience in both traditional and digital marketing. His degree in Internet Engineering gives him the perfect technical expertise for SEO and PPC. He writes about his experiences in both of these topics.


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