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Mike Essex

Six Free Presentations That Will Make You Better At AdWords

23rd Oct 2013 Paid Search 3 minutes to read

Six SlidesIn the last year, we’ve spoken at 15 conferences on everything from SEO to AdWords, Analytics to Social Media, Content Marketing to Brand Building, and over the next few months we’re going to be running through out favourite talks from each one. Today we’ve compiled all of our AdWords talks into one place, along with links to further reading where applicable.

A big thank you to the teams at BrightonSEO, SMX, On The Edge, and Bournemouth University for allowing us to speak about one of our favourite topics; Paid Search.

AdWords What You Need To Know

If you are totally new to the world of AdWords, Tara’s presentation to Bournemouth University is an excellent starting point. Designed to help inspire future generations of digital marketers, Tara looked at the world of SEO and AdWords to provide a beginners understanding of both.

Key Things You’ll Learn:

  • Types of AdWords Advertising
  • Benefits of PPC
  • Negatives of PPC
  • PPC Account Structures
  • AdWords Analysis
  • PPC For Branding
  • Display Advertising Basics
  • YouTube Advertising Basics
  • Remarketing Basics

You may also find our free Beginner’s Guide To AdWords useful.

Why Paid Search Isn’t Just For Big Budgets

There’s a time and a place to use Google AdWords, and in Mike’s slides he looks at the best scenarios to use the platform for and when it’s better to allocate your PPC budget elsewhere. The slides look at ten different ways of doing Paid Search that will cost less than a pound per click and three more for additional budget too.

Key Things You’ll Learn:

  • Facebook and Twitter Advertising
  • AdWords Search, Display, Remarketing and PLA’s
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Outbrain, Zemanta and StumbleUpon Advertising
  • LinkedIn and SlideShare Advertising
  • Bing Advertising

View the original post for more tips.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Enhanced Campaigns

One of the biggest changes to AdWords this year was the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns into every account and how this impacted bidding on mobiles and tablet devices. It also saw the introduction of several new features and opportunities for account optimisation which Tara explains in the following slides.

Key Things You’ll Learn:

  • Whether To Target Mobiles
  • New Features
  • Display Advertising Options
  • Enhanced Campaign Optimisation
  • Knock On Effects For Other Features

View the original post for more tips.

Ready, Aim, Fire… Then Retarget

Another change that affected Paid Search campaigns this year was the launch of Analytics Remarketing, which allowed those with AdWords accounts to create more finely targeted campaigns that pull on Google Analytics data. Anna argues that  “the better the targeting, the better the results” – and in these slides she explains why.

Key Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why You Should Use Remarketing
  • Examples Of Remarketing
  • How To Use Analytics & AdWords Together
  • The Set-Up Process
  • How To Create Lists
  • Remarketing Ideas
  • Optimisation Tips

View the original post for more tips.

AdWords Tactics For Local Businesses

Tara also spoke at BrightonSEO on how local businesses can take advantage of the change to Enhanced Campaigns in Google AdWords. One growing trend we are seeing is that small and local businesses believe they cannot afford the growing AdWords costs from Google, which is why these slides aim to dispel that myth with some clever budget saving tips.

Key Things You’ll Learn:

  • Keyword Strategy and Account Structure
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Ad Extensions
  • Non-profits Using AdWords
  • Quality Score
  • How To Control Ad Spend

View the original post for more tips.

How To Spend Less and Sell More With Paid Search

The default settings in Google AdWords can cause a large amount of budget wastage and if the platform isn’t used correctly it’s possible to miss opportunities and lose out on account performance. That’s why Mike’s slides below look at the key pitfalls of most AdWords accounts and how to get around them.

Key Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why You Need SEO And Paid Search
  • SEO Lessons To Help With Paid Search
  • The Best AdWords Settings To Use
  • How Quality Score Works
  • When To Use The Display Network

View the original post for more tips.

We talk about Paid Search at conferences several times every year, as well as regularly producing videos for Koozai TV. The best way to find out where we’ll be speaking next is via our Twitter, Google+ and Facebook pages.

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