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Anna George

Page Previews in AdWords – Quality is Key

9th May 2011 Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Paid Search, Google AdWords 1 minute to read

Last November Google rolled out Instant Previews for search results, allowing searchers to preview pages before clicking through. Google AdWords announced in recent weeks they have rolled out this functionality to paid ads as well. You may have noticed the magnifying glass at the end of your headlines? Yet more changes in Google’s bid to move paid ads more in line with natural search results.

But what does this mean to you as an advertiser?

Well, we are always talking about quality score and relevance within paid search advertising – making sure your ad copy and keywords are relevant and that your linking through to a relevant landing page. With page previews these on page elements are highlighted for you and the searcher to see just how relevant they are!

There is also the potential to save on irrelevant clicks by showing the visitor a preview of the page they would land on before they actually click. Page previews do not cost advertisers when they are shown, it is only when the searcher clicks to visit the page that you will be charged.

A few examples below, first we searched for ‘directline’ looking specifically for the brand. You will notice a few advertisers who are bidding on the brand name but are not relevant, see Confused.com below – they are bidding on ‘directline’ as a keyword, however their landing page does not reference this keyword at all, notice no keywords highlighted in the text snapshot:

Directline search results listings

Next we searched for ‘apple ipod touch’ and the below results came up. Note Asda’s ad and page preview below – the ad copy demonstrates instances of keywords matching, and the text snapshot on the page preview shows the relevancy of that product search. You may also notice that the landing page title is ‘iPod Touch’ as well!

ipod search results

Relevancy is key here. If a searcher sees keywords highlighted in your ad text then of course you appear more relevant, but now an advertiser can demonstrate the landing page is relevant as well. Take a look at your landing pages; do they include the keywords that you’re bidding on? If not, consider adding optimised pages which are relevant to your ad groups and keywords.

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