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James Challis

Google AdWords Editor 11: Old Vs. New

15th Jan 2015 Paid Search, Google AdWords 4 minutes to read

Google AdWords Editor 11: Old Vs. New

A new year, and a new version of Google’s AdWords Editor. Last month saw the search giant’s latest version of the ever-popular Editor, and they’ve made a few exciting changes.

The new version of AdWords Editor is one of the most comprehensive changes to the program since the program was originally launched and is clearly designed to make multiple changes on a large scale easier than before. Let’s take a closer look.

Getting Started With AdWords Editor 11

The new version has had a makeover, the tabbed navigation for Campaigns and Ad Groups has been taken away and replaced with a side panel for navigation. This gives the Editor a more streamlined design and can be useful in helping to act as a check-list for new Ad Group creation; to remind you to review each and every aspect of an Ad Group before posting any changes to the active account.

The structure of the navigation is similar to the previous version although the layout is quite a bit different and takes a bit of adjusting if you’ve worked with Editor before.

Modern Styling

The image below shows an overview of how the new design has changed. Whilst Editor 11 has been designed with a modern and minimalistic style, there are similarities with the older version, such as the Campaign selection, main panel and the editing panel.

The significant alteration to this page comes via the new “Type List” on the left hand side which replaces the tabs from previous versions. This is where you can filter the data to display campaign, ad groups, keywords, negatives, ad text and display network targeting options. To make this new method more effective, it would be helpful if the Editor removed some of the options such as Image ads from search network only campaigns.

Adwords Editor Screenshot - Overview

Consistent Design

The design has been made consistent throughout the new version, this means that every screen features the same layout very similar to the above screenshot. One issue you may find with this is that the new layout for each data type looks almost identical; and if you are working with larger Pay Per Click accounts where you are having to make multiple changes to separate ad groups, you have to be very careful not to enter data into the wrong data type.

After making multiple changes to Ad Groups, you can sometimes find yourself adding a keyword you want to the negative list or vice versa. The previous version had a much more differentiated layout between the screens and this never seemed to be an issue.

Making Large Scale Alterations

For the new version, copying and pasting at scale has clearly been designed to be faster and easier with the ability to copy keywords, negatives, URLs, Ad text and pretty much anything you could want. Using the feature is easy – simply select the data you want to copy and select the campaign or Ad Groups where you want to paste the data. You can then simply click paste and a useful pop up window (below) appears that allows you to review and select each Ad Group where you wish to paste the changes. This is particularly helpful for adding negative keywords or Ad text to specific multiple Ad Groups.

Adwords Editor Screenshot - Copy Popup

Multiple Accounts

One of the big features of the new Editor is the ability to work on multiple AdWords accounts at the same time, with screens side-by-side. This allows users to copy and paste between different accounts to help reduce the amount of time it takes to set up new accounts and allows larger companies that have multiple brands to copy successful campaign structures and targeting options with less hassle than before.

Old Vs. New

The new design is definitely an improvement in terms of styling and offers users more advanced features than the previous version. For quick edits between ad groups, the previous version allowed more flexibility between Ad Groups with faster access to basic options such as keywords and ad texts, although the new version is more suited to the purpose of the Editor which was built to make mass changes to AdWords accounts before going live.

In this way, the new version is likely to appeal to users who prefer to plan ahead, rather than make Ad-Hoc changes. Although the similar layout for every screen is likely to annoy some users.

AdWords Editor is still missing some key features that would help make the tool complete and allow PPC account managers to fully control an account without the need for the AdWords interface online. For example, the ability to add callout extensions, the keyword planner and identifying critical issues with keywords and the ability to set up all scheduling options for ads to new campaigns and Ad Groups. Although creating an API can be used to solve these issues, many SMEs will not have the ability or time to do this properly and therefore may have a slight disadvantage when it comes to managing campaigns effectively through Editor.

Final Thoughts

The new version of AdWords Editor is clearly a step forward for the usability of the program with more flexibility to use multiple accounts at once and with the improvements to making large scale changes to the account. The Editor is building on it’s main purpose which is to make large scale changes quicker and easier than it is to use the AdWords web interface. The new layout and design is much more modern and consistent although it will require some time and adapting to in order to make the most of the new features. The program would still benefit from including all options from the web interface to make it the complete AdWords tool.

What are your thoughts on the latest update? Let me know in the comments section below.

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