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Pay Per Click on Bing: Campaign Setup

25th Aug 2009 PPC Blog, Bing AdCenter 4 minutes to read

Now that you have created and activated your Microsoft adCenter Account, I thought I would follow on my previous blog post ‘Pay Per Click on Bing – Account Setup‘, with step-by-step guide on creating a new campaign.

Creating your Pay Per Click Campaign

Log into your newly created Microsoft adCenter Account and click on the Campaigns tab

  • You will see the initial campaign which was set up with the account creation within the main screen. To create an additional new campaign, select Create Campaign. The process is similar to the setup of your account, but you can now create a targeted campaign focused on the products or services you are looking to advertise. Once the account has been setup and activated, you have access to the many targeting and keyword tools Microsoft adCenter has to offer.
  • Depending on the nature of your business, you may just have one campaign in your account and multiple ad groups promoting your products/services or you could have a number of campaigns each containing multiple ad groups. Your structure is down to you.
  • Firstly, give your new campaign a name which will be relevant to the ad groups that will sit within it. If you are a pet shop for example, you may have multiple campaigns, one for each type of animal and within each campaign, you could have a series of ad groups promoting each of the different products you sell to do with the animal

a. Campaign Name – Cats
b. Ad Group 1 – Cat Food
c. Ad Group 2 – Cat Litter
d. Ad Group 3 – Cat Collars

  • Select the time zone for your campaign. Microsoft adCenter will display your ads based on the time zone you select. If your company is based in the UK but you sell cat food to customers in the USA, you will need to set you time zone to USA.
  • The campaign budget has two different options to choose from. If you have a suitable budget, I would recommend selecting the monthly budget option to be spent across the month

a. Budget per Month – This can be divided across the month or spent until depleted
b. Budget per Day – You will also be asked to provide a maximum monthly budget that you wish not to exceed

Budget Options

  • Within this section, depending on the nature of your business, you may wish to set up the targeting for your campaign. The various targeting options available to you are:

a. Location
b. Hour of the day
c. Day of the week
d. Age
e. Gender

  • If you know of any campaign level negative keywords at this stage, you can add them now. If you want to wait until later, this is also an option. One of the major differences between Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter is the number of negative keywords you can add to your account. Google AdWords allows you to add 1000’s of negative keywords but within Bing’s PPC platform you can only have 1024 characters worth at campaign, ad group and keyword level. Select you negatives carefully!
  • Apply your first ad groups settings by giving it a relevant name and a start and end date.
  • The next step is to create targeted ad copy for your first ad group. This should be carefully crafted to promote the product(s) or service(s) that you will feature within the group. Think about what keywords you are going to add to the group and incorporate the most appropriate one within the copy.

Create Your Ad

  • Once you have written your first ad hit Save and you then have the option to create another ad for the ad group to allow for split testing or you can choose to continue if you just want the one ad variant.
  • Next stage is to select your targeted keywords for your ad group. Remember to keep your keywords within a theme for the ad group to keep the ad variant relevant for as many of the search terms as possible.

a. Ad Group – Cat Food

b. Targeted Keywords
– Tinned Cat Food
– Packet Cat Food
– Fresh Cat Food
– Cheap Cat Food

c. Non Targeted Keywords
– Cat Litter
– Cat Food Recipes

  • Now that you are an adCenter member, there is an additional keyword research tool available to you which will search your destination URL for suggested keywords
  • Once you have researched all your keywords and inserted them to the box, select Add to Keyword List. Your keywords will now appear within the Keyword List at the bottom of the page, the default match type (unless you have already specified) is broad match. To change this click on the Select Columns drop down and tick all three match types.

Keyword Matching Options

  • You will now be able to go through and choose the different variations of match type you would like to bid on.
  • Next screen is all about your spend and budgets. Here you can update your campaign budget if required and select the default bid price for the ad group. The minimum CPC is £0.05p.
  • Select Save and Continue, review your campaign and Submit

Congratulations! You have launched your first Microsoft adCenter campaign.

If you would like help in creating and managing a Bing Pay Per Click campaign, contact Koozai today.

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