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Mike Essex

Eight Free Videos That Will Make You Better At Google AdWords

19th Jun 2013 PPC Blog 2 minutes to read

Koozai Faces 300pxWe’ve created almost one hour’s worth of free video guides designed to help you maximise your Google AdWords campaigns. From the best ways to save money, to future paid search trends and regular checks there’s something to help every account.

All of these videos are taken from Koozai TV which contains over 100 free videos devoted to digital marketing.

We also have a free whitepaper, our Beginners Guide to AdWords, that offers lots more advice.

Are You Ready For Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?


AdWords Enhanced Campaigns fundamentally change the way Google show paid search adverts, especially with mobile advertising. Every account will be automatically updated on 22nd July, and in this video Graeme explains why you need to take action now to ensure you are ready and how to take advantage of the benefits of the change.

Paid Search Trends and Predictions For 2013


Along with Enhanced Campaigns there are plenty more exciting paid search developments this year including Remarketing in search, Facebook remarketing and Google shopping PLA’s. Mike takes a look at these trends and makes a few more predictions for the rest of the year.

Ten Winning Tactics For Display Advertising on Google AdWords


Tara looks at when it’s best to use display advertising and 10 tips to make your use of the display network as successful as possible. You’ll discover how to make your advertising creative work the best it can, the right way to structure an account and how to control the targeting of adverts, amongst much more.

Building Remarketing Lists & Audiences


If you are looking at the display network then remarketing should be an essential part of your strategy. Remarketing helps you present people who have visited your site with highly targeted adverts and to help you do this Sam covers some of the best lists of users you can create.

How I Would Do PPC For eBay


Earlier this year eBay announced that they would no longer be running adverts on Google AdWords. Mike investigated some of the reasons why PPC may not have worked for them and also looked at ways they could have done their advertising better.

The Power of Negative (Keyword) Thinking


Negative keywords play an absolutely vital part of the fundamentals of any AdWords campaign. Graeme explains how to research them, how to add them, and how they can help save you countless money on your Google AdWords activity.

Google AdWords Checks You Should Do Regularly


Tara covers eight simple checks that will help you make sure your AdWords account runs smoothly. Including how to find the adverts that waste money, improving the performance of keywords that need an extra push and identifying new keyword opportunities.

10 Frugal PPC Money Saving Tips


Sam examines remarketing, negative keywords, split testing and seven more great ways to improve your PPC campaign, all of which are designed to save you money and make your account run in the best possible way.

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