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Graeme Benge

MeasureCamp 3 Round Up: “Transfer Knowledge”

16th Sep 2013 News, Events 5 minutes to read

Measure CampMeasureCamp’s third unconference marks the success of both the concept and also the growing profile of analytics and on a broader level web measurement in the digital industry.

With tickets selling out in a matter of seconds and around 140 attendees from France, Germany, Scandinavia, Estonia as well as the UK and Ireland, #measurecamp is quietly growing an enviable reputation as the place for the best brains in European to meet up and “transfer knowledge”.

Peter O’Neil, founder and one of the organisers of #measurecamp gave a great introduction that outlined the philosophy of getting web analytics practitioners of all levels together as well as the “unconference” concept.

Its testament to the event that around a third of attendees were veterans of all three #measurecamps to date. Diving into the attendee demographics, around 50% were agency side and covered roles from Web Analysts to SEOs, PPCers, CROers. The other half were made up of in house marketers and vendors.

The highlight of the introduction was our very own Anna Lewis being used as THE example of a #measurecamp attendee. Back in February, she attended on her own and off the cuff kick started a brainstorming session on effective uses of event tracking in Google Analytics that Pete thought was the best session of the day.

The theory behind an unconference is there is no agenda; the attendees drive and provide the sessions. Many came prepared with sessions but many were also off the cuff sessions that covered a massive scope of measurement topics. I’ll go into more detail shortly with my notes form the day but it’s a credit to the organisers, the event’s reputation and the calibre of attendees that there were 38 different sessions on the board when it started with nothing but time slots and room names.

So my round up….

Google Tag Manager; An Introduction

Florian Giudicelli took us through the pros and cons of Google’s tag manager solution. If you’re not aware of GTM see Anna’s post. Essentially, with a slight Javascript modification, site owners can use “containers” to add analytics tags to a site without the need for development. Two benefits are; the reduction in web developer dependence as well as an improved quality of data. It also hides your code customisations from your competitors, but therein lies the rub; you can’t snoop and “emulate” others… ;-)

So get GTM up and running and make adding Google Analytics tags, Universal Analytics tags, remarketing tags, event tracking, conversion tracking, custom variables etc soooo much easier.

Why Does My CRO Suck?

Craig Sullivan gave an “impassioned” rant on measurement fails he has encountered (read: suffered) working a with a very diverse client base.

Here’s the list:
• No cross domain tracking when users are often likely to move between connected sites (no cross domain tracking = double counting)
• Filters incorrectly set up
• Tracking code missing or duplicated
• No campaign tracking
• No tracking of errors – 404s / 500s / etc
• Dual flow funnels – this was new for me (The occasions when data is skewed by user data joining mid flow)
• Event tracking skewing bounce rate

He gave the following as solutions:
• Regular health checks
• Invest in instrumentation and tools regularly
• Identify and plug insight gaps to keep them on the agenda
• Keep looking at what Event tracking is telling you (or isn’t)
• Change focus from pageviews to INTERACTIONS (Caps lock for emphasis as I can’t swear)

Another fail is that sometimes the inputs are wrong. He suggested you:
• Correct this by championing User Experience/Usability testing
• Use tools: session replay tools like Tealeaf and Clicktale
• Use the voice of the customer; don’t assume on their behalf
• Use A/B, A/B/A and A/B/B testing
• Make sure you test email and mobile separately

Get the full monty here

Measuring The ROI Of Content Marketing

Jono Alderson explained we should start by defining ROI: use business context and business objectives as they will be almost entirely unique. At a top level this will either be: to improve revenue, to decrease costs or to strengthen the brand.

Then look at a micro level what this means as ROI will help you define the value of a blog post or other content piece.

Consider your audience, you will have:
• Evangelists – love you, don’t need convincing to purchase
• Converters – these are likely to convert regularly
• Prospects – people you’re aware of but aren’t yet selling too
• Passives – no need for you or your product
• Haters

• Content Marketing should act to move Converters to Evangelists, Prospects to Converters or even Evangelists

• Attributing a realistic value is key. Do this at a micro level for micro conversions. For instance; the goal for a blog post should be to make the reader want to read another post or to sign up for your email

• When attributing value everything should move from a conversion rate metric to a value per visit or cost per visit metric

• Import the cost of your marketing into the value of your goal. For instance if an email costs you £1 per person but brings in £5 then the goal value should be £4.

• A Facebook “like” is someone advertising for you. What would that cost you in Facebook ads – that then is the value of the like that content got you.

Here is Jono’s session in all its glory

Those were some my main takeaways. There were a lot more but those have turned into ideas and I’ll probably keep them to myself for now… ;-)

There were as I mentioned before 38 sessions in total, so way more than I could attend. Check out the #measurecamp hashtag on Twitter where lots of decks, tools, hacks and guides have been shared. Google+ also has a Measure Camp Analytics Community too.

The day was wrapped up by an epic giveaway with 70 people of the 130 odd there getting a goodie which ranged from tickets to eMetrics (£1k a pop) to General Assembly training vouchers (£120 a pop) to books galore.

Despite the good odds I got nowt and I really fancied one of those “I <3 Data” mugs. Guess I’ll just have to go to #measurecamp 4 in March 2014.

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