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57 Great Tips From The London Agile Content Meetup #agilecontent

5th Feb 2014 News, Events 5 minutes to read

Content MeetupThis week I was treated to the inaugural London Agile Content Meetup. What was formerly the Content Strategy Meetup, has now become something a lot larger and more holistic – indicative of the way in which Content Marketing and Content Strategy has evolved.

The term ‘agile content’ is used to describe a strategy that allows a number of departments, teams, individuals and stakeholders to help with the content process in a dynamic way, as well as being produced with their individual goals in mind. In other words, content is now a collaborative effort which needs to be published across multiple platforms and tick a number of boxes. Agile content facilitates this, and this is what I learned.

Kate Towsey – An agile content case study: process, team, tools, and lessons

  • Agile content is not a circular process, it’s actually quite chaotic: researching, conceptualizing, and making all at the same time
  • Agile only works once everyone knows their roles
  • For The University Of Surrey Case Study – tone of voice is important when it comes to the user – show don’t tell. They spoke to the audience, not the stakeholder
  • Talk to your audience, get everyone to help with the creation process – this helps when making agile content

Helena Quartey – Make friends and influence people online

  • Get what you want to share in the hands of those that ‘get you’
  • Relationship building is key – reach out to the ‘super platforms’ e.g. Huffington Post
  • 4Chan is a good place to meet and share images
  • Also reach out to the smaller key influencers – they matter too
  • Your goal should be to solve their issues – not just look for ReTweets
  • Share content once the relationship has been built, not before

Rachel Anne Bailey – Content First: COPE Made Easy

  • COPE means ‘create once publish everywhere’
  • Make your content easy for search engines to find e.g. use Schema to create the same content but for different audiences around the world
  • Two ways towards a COPE strategy e.g. Technology driven and user driven
  • Understand the technical requirements for COPE, otherwise you’re stuck with what the developer wants

Andy Freeman – Gaudi and the marriage of content and design

  • Harmony is key for content and context
  • Embrace design principles e.g using colour to bring out structure
  • Spend time and understand your context e.g it has to be about people, the user
  • Content is an ethos and inspiration, not just bricks and mortar
  • Gaudi became a metaphor to explain to people about agile content – how design works with content

Rupert Bowater – Why trouble with triples? An introduction to the semantic web

  • We need machines to better understand our content and answer our questions i.e. things not strings
  • To do this, we need to think in triples – detailing a relationship between subject and object
  • Use Schema.org to mark up your content
  • Get better snippets and better social sharing
  • Create a richer context for your content so search engines understand this better

Cress Rolfe – Content, custom templates and formulaic experiences

  • Large scale sites must have structure for their content and user experience
  • Structure works, e.g WordPress themes work and are copied
  • Without structure, a typical evening’s browsing is quite fatiguing
  • We need to design the whole experience
  • Content needs to know itself so it can deliver better e.g. A personalised user journey and information architecture
  • There needs to be something more and we need to establish what our role is within that

Lana Gibson – Using search data to find out what our users want

  • User data is the voice of our audience – use it to measure performance
  • Start with user needs – look at what people are searching for e.g. More people search for ‘holiday entitlement’ rather than ‘annual leave’
  • Look at the holistic user journey and better understand what links to put where
  • Changes in traffic tells you about the need for that content or webpage

Rob Grundel – When is the song over? What digital teams can learn from music

  • What can we learn about the state of flow when it comes to content creation?
  • Start with listening and then build; listen to your teams and clients
  • Feedback is important, we need feedback to get better
  • Are you happy with the music your band are creating / the content your team is creating?
  • Most music is the same, you need to put your stamp on it to make it different
  • Sometimes you’re going to get it wrong, but if you’re in a supportive team then listen and redo

David Adams – Is Adaptive Content a holy grail or complicated fad?

  • Adaptive content is difficult and complicated but it’s valuable
  • Websites are conversations between you and your user, but normal conversations are not repeated like websites are, so websites need to learn and get better for the user
  • The clues you get from your users are subtle but effective e.g. browser choice, actions, time spent, location
  • These help us draw together an image – but we need to adapt what we are saying to each user – we need a CMS to deliver a unique experience
  • If you have a website where people only visit one page but lots of times, push them to visit more pages
  • David doubled total page views easily doing this – all you need is adaptive content

Paola Kathuria – How will you change my life?

  • Presenting two case studies, 18 years apart, Paola showed how she organised Barclays’ products and services into customer goals and how she later pitched a similar idea to MOO
  • In 1995, Barclays wanted to put all their content online, she organised this into what people want rather than just detailing the information
  • She then got in touch with MOO after making a wedding invite for her friend. Her friend would not have used Moo because it didn’t have her friend’s needs on the Home page. This is a good example – think about your products in terms of user needs
  • Once she grouped this into user needs she established lots more product ideas for MOO
  • Don’t rely on Analytics to establish what your users need, speak to them

Graham Francis – Agile and the army

  • Content in an emergency is difficult but you can make it work
  • Give people specific roles to deliver what is needed at the time
  • The army made sure everyone knew what was going on during the Foot and Mouth crisis – they got people to say what they were going to do at the start of the day and what they had done at the end of the day
  • This made people more accountable for delivery
  • This Army did not start Agile content, but such techniques helped to sort a crisis

A big thank you to all of the speakers for sharing such great tips and the organisers for arranging everything and making it run smoothly.

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