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#Measurecamp IV – Transfer Of Knowledge

31st Mar 2014 Analytics 6 minutes to read

Website Seo And Analytics IconsSaturday saw close to 200 digital analysts converge on Pimlico, London all in the name of knowledge transfer. Measurecamp has gained a cult reputation amongst the digital marketing world for its small, informal unconference characteristics that set it apart from the other events in the digital marketing conference calendar.

Its appeal is international too with about a quarter of attendees being non-UK based. In fact more countries from Europe were represented than not. One batch of 50 tickets went in 3 minutes flat.

I attended #measurecamp III in October, it was my first ‘unconference’ so as a quick recap this is what an ‘unconference’ is:

  • There is no agenda
  • Attendees run the sessions
  • The rule of two feet – if a session isn’t for you, move on, there’ll be no hard feelings
  • That’s it
measurecamp iv board

A hi-tech board is in place that shows 72 session slots in 9 different rooms (within the very decent One Drummond Gate venue) for when Peter O’Neil’s opening remarks are finished. What follows was akin to a scrum albeit one made up of digital analysts and CROs. Attendees stick Post-It notes and memo cards up on the board with the title of their session, whilst the rest set about working out what sessions they want to catch throughout the day.

Using Lifecycle Scores For Marketing Optimisation – Carmen Mardiros

My first session was with Carmen, who I’ve discovered over the last 12 months is an insight supremo. Her blend of analysis and actionable takeaways simply motivates you to keep on mining the data.

Her session delved into analysing valuable user behaviour that blends conversions (sign ups, purchases etc) with micro conversions (interacting with products without buying) because Multi-channel funnel analysis only gives you half the picture.

Using a wider range of user behaviours, we can generate a ‘lifecycle score’ to better analyse what our channels are delivering. More information on Carmen’s session: Using Lifecycle Scores for Marketing Optimisation. 

Personas and User Experience

I moved onto a discussion session hosted by Xavier Colomés. Xavier opened up a discussion on using personas to inform user experience; the pros and the cons. Personas differ from market segments because they are a more tangible entity. Companies build up a person with a gender, an age, hobbies and lifestyle features as well as onsite behaviours.

As a result, personas are an invaluable method of understand messaging and branding but how can they be successfully applied to online measurement? The upshot was that it is difficult to align personas with market segments because a person can interact in different ways. Simply creating a page for one bucket or market segment will not translate accurately when mapping user personas.

Also it may not be entirely necessary. Apple exclusive target hipsters, however other personas have aspirations to some elements of the hipster aesthetic therefore generating massive  crossover appeal.

In order to measure persona or market segment reaction to a site use Google Analytics’ Content Grouping report and look to create content to validate the profile you’ve given site users.

Tracking E-merchandising Indicators

I was keen to dip my toe in the CRO waters so next headed over to see Nicolas Malo take a discussion session on E-merchandising.

The groups ran the rule over a certain online clothes eCommerce site, looking at a site, category and page level to identify e-merchandising features of a site and how you would go about measuring them. This was a very useful session, one that I came away with a big list of ideas from. Check out Nicolas’ slide deck for more: MeasureCamp – E-merchandising Analytics Workshop

18 A/B Testing Mistakes

Next up was Craig Sullivan’s excellent A/B testing masterclass on what not to do. Some of the standout points were:

  • Communicate with all marketing stakeholders so test results are not skewed by a mystery campaign
  • Know your behavioural or buying cycles so that tests don’t straddle partial cycles
  • Test, test, test; you learn more from failed tests than successful tests

With the Koozai blog being a family show I’ve reworded the session name but you can get everything and more (lots of tools) form his slide deck here: #Measurecamp – 18 Simple Ways to Ruin Your AB Testing. 

Merging GA Data With Other Data Sources

All the way from Prague, Petr Havlik walked us through a solution to incorporate company data with Google Analytics to generate Net profit reports, true conversion rate reports and better analyse your sales results.

His method combined exports from Google Analytics (made easier with the use of Analytics Canvas) and CRM sales data with the pretty awesome looking Powerpivot (an Excel add on). Very quickly there were data sets that provided granular net profit results as well as product insights. A common theme was revealing itself in some of the sessions – we need to understand online data in the context of business information to provide real value to customers. Knowing how much a product makes a company is better insight than knowing how much a product sold for online. Here are Petr’s slides: Merging GA Data with other data sources.

True AdWords ROI

Such is #measurecamp ‘s appeal, Jeffalytics himself popped in from the states to take us through how he defines a true return on investment for his AdWord’s clients. He also added in a nifty spreadsheet that helps to automate the analysis for you. Here’s his deck in full: True ROI Measurement In Google Analytics.

Custom Dimension Brainstorming Session

Never one to miss out running a session or a cheeky glass of white, Anna Lewis decided (over lunch) to throw in a session on Custom Dimensions. Despite being up against a data geek showdown between Jono Alderson and Phil ‘6 sessions’ Pearce, Anna still managed to pull in a good 30 or more people in, AND she managed to do get them to do all the work for her!

Splitting the room up into 3 groups we each took a look at what specific metrics could be measures at a site, user and page level. A terrific list of ideas emerged that I’ve yet to find anywhere (because I was scribbling on flip chart paper at the time) so if anyone can include a link in the comments that would be much appreciated!

Some of the ideas from my group that focused on user metric were:

  • Logged in or logged out
  • Loyalty status
  • Subscription status
  • Year of birth
  • Date of last transaction
  • Date of first transaction

There was a lot more and the other groups each drew a fantastic set of what are in effect questions to ask your data.

Wrap Up

Measurecamp is a terrific event. I’d urge anyone with an interest in how you can use data to optimise (either for the search engines or more importantly for the user) a site better. You are guaranteed to walk out of their with new ideas and new knowledge. It’s free and it’s small, but it may not be for too long.

As for the actual wrap up, after the customary thank you’s, a pricey ticket to Emetrics was given away as well as about a bazillion books. Remember, this was all part of the ticket price…

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