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Increasing Online Form Conversions

27th Jan 2010 Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation 2 minutes to read

Have you been sitting there wondering why there is targeted traffic reaching your website but your goals are just not being met?

Is your Pay per Click marketing campaign working well but visitors are leaving the site before making contact with you?

Do you believe that something can be done on your website to improve conversions?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, read on….

Many website owners believe that online marketing is all about getting the right traffic to reach their website and that is all that needs to be done in order to generate conversions. Those of you thinking this are wrong.

Sending targeted traffic to a website is the first stage only, getting them to stay engaged when they land on a website is the second and actually getting them to complete your desired goal is the last.

In this blog post, I am going to focus on Form Conversions. The majority of websites have a goal and that goal could be to:

  • Sign up for an Email Newsletter
  • Register for a white paper
  • Make an online purchase
  • Request more information

All of the above would most likely require a visitor to enter specific information about themselves into an online form and hit ‘SEND’.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts which can help you improve your online form conversion rate:


Don’t have too much reading
Make the form easy to read so that your visitors only have to glance over a small paragraph of text to enable them to understand what it is you are asking them to do.

Don’t make fields ‘required’ unless completely necessary
People don’t like being forced into a corner. Let them give you the information that they want to give you. One of the fields in a form that causes dropouts is making the Phone Number field mandatory.

Don’t have multiple Hotlinks
Once you have your visitor land on your form page, don’t have links off to other pages of your site. This will distract them and could cause them to leave the form page altogether.


Do provide adequate information
If your form is within a shopping cart, always provide visitors with all the information they need in order to complete the process. This may include pricing and shipping information, images of the product they are purchasing etc.

Do add an Email Privacy Disclaimer
How many times have you entered your email address into a form, only to be bombarded with spam at a later date. If you are not going to sell their email address onto a third party, TELL THEM!

Do provide alternative contact methods
Give your visitors alternative ways of getting in contact with you – Phone number, email address, live chat and/or postal address

Test, Test, Test

The last point I am going to stress is that you should never just simply change anything on your website without testing it first. What’s to say that changing something may have a negative impact on your conversions.

Using the Google Website Optimizer tool, you can run A/B tests (two versions of a form) sending 50% of your traffic to one version and 50% to another. The Google Website Optimizer interface will present you with the winning variation once a desired number of conversions have taken place.

For more ideas on improving your websites conversion, checkout my blog post – Landing Page Design Tips.

If you would like some help improving your Conversion Rate, please contact us about our Form Testing service.

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