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15 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips for Contact Pages

20th Jan 2012 Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation 3 minutes to read

SubmitFor small business websites that are not necessarily selling products or providing any sort of online service, then the most important aspect of the website will be the contact page. Finding your contact details or filling in a contact form should be an easy and straightforward process for the user.

Many websites adopt the tactic of placing a telephone number and email address at the top or side bar of every page on their website. This is a great way to provide quick access for visitors to get in touch and to reassure them that if they have any questions, you are available to chat.

Another common and important task is to have a link to your contact page within your main navigation or equally visible area. Users tend to look for a contact page link nearer the end of a navigation list.

Once your visitors have found your contact page, it’s important to give them the information and options they require in order to make contact with you.

Below is a list of things you should try implementing on your page in order to increase the number of enquiries you get:

  1. Include your phone number as HTML text as some users may be using a mobile device or Skype service in which they can click to call you, or they may just want to copy and paste your phone number to easily to save or share.
  2. Include your postal address as HTML text so that visitors can easily copy and paste the information for reference or to use in their preferred mapping and directions service.
  3. Try implementing schema mark-up data to allow your address and phone numbers to appear as rich snippets in the search engines & elsewhere. More information on these can be found at
  4. Have an interactive map if your business operates from premises that customers can visit. A static map doesn’t allow customers to find their bearings and view the location at large scale or at street level.
  5. Add links to your main social media services (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn) to allow visitors to contact you via their preferred service.
  6. Provide a contact form so that users can easily send you a message without having to load up their email service to do so.
  7. Keep this contact form as short as possible; the basic name, email and message fields should be enough.
  8. Use a large, obvious submit button below your contact form.
  9. Have your contact form show a confirmation message or page that informs the user that their message has been sent and give them an estimate of when they might hear back from you.
  10. Under the contact form, assure users that their contact details will not be passed to a third party and they will not be added to a mailing list of any kind without their permission.
  11. Offer a call back service to save your potential customers some money.
  12. Offer a live chat experience so that customers can get live answers over a messaging service.
  13. Test having the name, position and, if possible, a picture of the person they might be speaking to when they contact you.
  14. Have written directions to your location.
  15. Create and provide a link to some FAQ’s for questions that you get asked a lot when users contact you. This way they only contact you at a later stage of the buying process and your resources are not wasted as much.

These are some of the things you should be testing on your contact page. Some of these options are not required for all business types, as you may not have premises or not participate in social media.

Giving visitors as many options as possible is not always the answer, but you should be testing the above contact page features in order to see how visitors are contacting you and see what works best.


Here’s a few contact pages on the web that are using some of the items I have listed above.

Koozai contact page

Koozai Contact Page

HubSpot contact page

HubSpot Contact Page

SEOmoz contact page

SEOmoz Contact Page

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