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The Complete Google Analytics Guide For Business

In need of a thorough guide to making the most of your data on Google Analytics? We’ve got you covered.

  • Where to find the best data
  • Creating and customising reports
  • Complete analytics walkthrough for setting up your business

What This Google Analytics Guide Will Show You

When you have a website, the data behind it is fundamental to understanding what is happening, and whether your site is successful.

A good implementation of tracking code allows you to collect important data to help you make informed decisions to improve your site, make it better for users and also make it more profitable.

This Whitepaper will look at:

  1. How to set up Google Analytics for your business
  2. Where to find the best data
  3. How to create custom and advanced reports
  4. Customising and segmenting reports
  5. A glossary of Google Analytics terminology

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