How To Perform A Technical SEO Audit

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What You’ll Learn

In this guide we will share with you the best methods of ensuring the technical elements of your site are up to scratch.

  • What technical elements you should be keeping an eye on
  • How to find out what is wrong or not working properly
  • Utilising mark up, rich snippets and schema

This guide includes the very latest information when performing a technical SEO audit. Covering everything from hosting types to code performance issues, understand the core technical issues that can hold back an SEO project. Covering:

  • Website tracking codes
  • Setting up a Robots.txt
  • HTML Validation
  • Duplicate content checks
  • Markup and Rich Snippets

There are a number of critical and technical issues that any good webmaster should review in order to improve the technical SEO of their website. In this whitepaper we set out all of the technical aspects of SEO and how to use them to your advantage.

What Are You Waiting For?

Want to learn more about how technical SEO can help your site perform better in the search engines? Or maybe you just need a little assurance that you have it under control? Request our free technical SEO whitepaper today.

With best practice techniques, expert advice and handy tools, your business can conduct a full check to see whether you are being held back by Google.