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Link Building Tool Submiteaze

Andy Williams

by Andy Williams on 9th June 2011

SubmiteazeLink building is obviously an important element to any SEO campaign and it’s also one of the most time consuming. Finding strong, relevant and worthwhile links can lead you down many paths only to come up in a number of dead ends before finding what you are looking for.

In this article we review the Submiteaze tool and identify whether the directories contained within can really save time in the link building process.

You can pay for directory submission services (these packages shouldn’t be confused with professional link building services from reputable online marketing companies) that submit your site to any number of directories depending on the size of the package you pay for.

So with the option of spending research time looking for link opportunities or paying for a submission service, it is only natural to look for tools that can take some of the pain away from this process.

One of which is Submiteaze.

This is free to download on a trial basis and is $188.95 for a licence copy.

It and has been around for a while and allows easy submission to directories as well as article submission sites.

The functionality of the tool is good and it does make submitting easy.
Over 4000 directories are listed handing you an almost endless supply of avenues.

The auto-fill option even takes away the pain of having to fill in the required fields.

You can even sort the directories in order of PageRank highlighting the stronger ones over the weak.

What more could you want? Time and money is saved and you can make as many submissions as you see fit in a minimal amount of time.

But is it any good?

Well leaving aside the argument surrounding submitting to free directories, my own personal research suggests No.

Yes, this is a good bit of software, set out nicely and yes it does totally speed up the entire process of submitting to directories but the end results are minimal.

Free directories aren’t the strongest places to submit a site to, we all know that and there is more to link building than just submitting to directories, a lot, lot more in fact. So the last thing you want is to be struggling to even gain approved submissions to such a weak source.

The results I found during testing Submiteaze showed that the approval rate was so low that  even the minimal effort invested in signing up was largely wasted.

I ran three separate campaigns on three of our test sites and the results were rather depressing:

Site One – Submitted to 60 directories
3 months later – No approved links back

Site Two – 100 Submissions
3 months later – No approved links back

Site Three – 50 submissions
3 months later – No approved links back

So there you have it.

The time and money saved on using Submiteaze instantly turned into wasted time that could and should have been spent carrying out research into more beneficial link building opportunities.

Gaining one strong link in the time it took to submit to 210 directories via Submiteaze would have been time more well spent.

There are a few elements that could be in play here:

The categories I included in the Auto-Fill may not have been the most relevant to some of the directories and similar named categories may have lead to my submissions being placed in the wrong area.

Free directories openly admit that your submission could take months before even being reviewed. So there is a chance that some are still yet to be reviewed. But would this be the case for all 210?

Personally I think this is just looking for excuses for 0% return of my time.

Submiteaze is easy to use and could be worthwhile to any start up sites just looking to get some anchor text out there. It is cheaper to buy than a directory submission package but as a link building tool to use as part of a campaign it could end up wasting you time instead of saving it.

There is no easy quick solution to good link building and my advice would be to invest the time in proper research.

Andy Williams

Andy Williams

Andy Williams, our DADI award winning Digital Marketing Manager will be giving you useful insights into local search and the overall SEO landscape. Andy has over 9 years experience in the SEO industry including 2 years as the in-house SEO consultant with a leading Web Design company.


  • TM4Y SEO 30th June 2011

    We used to submit to free directories for our SEO clients but we made use of a service called DirectoryMaximizer (can easily be found in Google). They charge 14c (US Cents) for a directory submission, which means that for the same price as the $188.95 that you would pay for the Submiteaze tool, you can do about 1300 directory submissions.

    BUT we have stopped doing this now for the same reason that you mentioned in your post – the abysmally low success rate. There is about a 5% success rate if you are lucky, so basically for a 100 links submitted you might get about 5 links over a period of months. I just don’t think this is worth it.

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  • Jonny 31st August 2011

    I use this software all the time and it works great. How do you know that you haven’t got ONE approved submission? I think that’s frankly ridiculous given you submitted to hundreds of directories. Each time I submit a website I visit a random sample of directories that I submitted to a couple of months later and my website is listed is listed in maybe 35% of the directories I visit, given I submit to something like 1,500 directories then that’s over 500 links, which is great as far as I’m concerned!

    Just one thing; I don’t use the built-in checking utility (Directory Detective) in submiteaze as I’ve found it unreliable, perhaps that was what you used in your evaluation? I really think you need to re-visit this because you’ve given this good piece of software a bad name, and incorrectly in my opinion.

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  • Andy Williams

    Andy 31st August 2011

    Hi Jonny,

    Submiteaze is a great platform for submitting to directories and allows you to do it quickly but the directories listed within Submiteaze are of little or no use to anyone.

    The pick up rate was, as I reported 0%.
    This was tested using a number of tools, none of which were the Submiteaze checking utility.

    My review of this software is of course my personal opinion based on my experiences of using it. Not only did I see no return but the quality of the directories included was weak.

    As a result my opinion is that using Submiteaze is a waste of time. I would much rather spend my time link building in more beneficial areas.

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    • Jonny 2nd September 2011

      Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but I’ve used this software for a couple of years now and submitted maybe 8 or 9 websites using it, the latest was a few months back. Each time I get hundreds of approval, not submission received, but ‘approval’ emails from the directories, I then go to the directory and I can physically see my website there, so I know that I am getting listed. As far as I’m concerned, that’s what I bought the software to do.

      I don’t know what’s gone wrong in your case, but I’ve had repeated success each time, and I’ve seen with my own eyes the websites being listed in the directories.

      If you’re not happy with the directories they provide then you could always add your own…?

      Like I say, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, it’s just unfortunate that it’s usually a case that an unhappy customer shouts louder and tells more people than a happy one, so I’m just trying to provide some balance, not to say you’re right or wrong.



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  • Atty Rich 11th November 2013

    I used their demo package version 10. Submitted both to Turbo and Manual Sites. None of them even acknowledged my submissions. Then I ran the Check Link routine everyday for several weeks. There too nothing ever surfaced.
    So, I don’t know if the software even works.
    To top if off, I emailed the provider and they really just gave me a hard time, were defensive, and hardly help change the situtation. There position is that we write software, we do not provide a improved page ranking or solution there of.
    This is often times what providers do when there product really doesn’t work.
    I am not impressed and have removed it from our systems.

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  • Jonny 20th November 2013

    Oh right, weird. I’ve always found their support very helpful. I still use it every day to submit client websites who want this service and it seems to work – I get lots of confirmation emails through when I submit to all the directories, so the software does work, it does submit my details otherwise I wouldn’t get those confirmation emails.

    I can see you point though; if you’re using the demo you want some confirmation of the submission being received in order to know if it’s working rather than just taking the software’s word for it, otherwise it could be all smoke and mirrors. But as they say, there’s not much they can do to provide that if the directory doesn’t provide it themselves.

    Bear in mind, not all directories send confirmation emails so if you were looking for that as proof of the submissions being received, it’s probably not a good metric.

    But you say you also tried submitting semi-auto using the built in web browser? So if you’d received confirmation emails when submitting in a web browser, but not when using turbo then I think you’d have a valid right to think something was amiss, but as you didn’t, I don’t think you have reason to doubt what they’re saying and then say it doesn’t work. It does work (I know it does), it just didn’t work in the way you thought it would, or provide the feedback you thought it would, or wanted. Shame you deleted it IMO, it’s a good software.

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