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  • Andy Williams
    SEO 2014 – What Site Owners Really Need To Understand

    Happy New YearSo here we are – It’s New Year’s Eve.

    Another year gone and it has been a hectic one. Google provided us enough updates to surely give us a few years off now? Except, you can be sure there will be more of the same in 2014.

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  • Oliver Ewbank
    A World Without Links

    EarthImagine a world without links and a web without link bulding. It’s a scary concept but what if Google removed link value from their algorithm altogether? This blog post will explore the other ‘off page’ SEO factors (and some new factors) so you can be less reliant on links.

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  • Cat Fyson
    Free Tools To Boost Your Content Marketing Planning And Distribution

    bigstock-Array-Of-Tools-Isolated-4335135More and more businesses are now on board with the importance of content marketing, but its one thing to know how vital it is to your digital strategy and another to actually implement and stick to it as a valuable asset.

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  • Mike Essex
    49 Ways To Create Content Ideas That Make Clients Happy

    Client Content IdeasEvery client has different needs and goals and no two pieces of content will meet those requirements in the exact same way. To help with this today’s infographic from Copy Press offers a clear look at how you can tie every step in the creation of content together in a way that makes your clients happy.

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  • John Waghorn
    Compelling Copy for Ecommerce Sites

    Writing-laptop-300x200With Christmas fast approaching, many ecommerce websites are trying their best to draw in an audience and make those all-important last minute sales before the big day arrives.

    Whilst offers, bargains, and promotions in the run up to Christmas will encourage customers to buy your products, you should never underestimate the power of website copy in aiding this process.

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  • Emma North
    The SEO Changes You Need To Consider For 2014

    Updates In 2013 and SEO In 20142013 has been another crazy year for SEO, with numerous updates and even a shiny new [rehashed] algorithm. But what can we take from this year’s changes to aid our SEO in 2014?

    In this post I’ve looked at some of the most significant recent changes in SEO and what we should be adding into our 2014 search strategies.

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  • James Perrin
    The Importance Of Comments And How To Get More Of Them

    09-12-2013 17-09-01How do you measure the success of your content marketing or blog? Page views, rankings, earned links, conversions, sales or other? Whatever metric you decide to use, it needs to be related to the overall goal of the piece.

    With that in mind, have you ever considered comments as a way of measuring the success of your content?

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  • James Challis
    How To Compete In A Competitive Online Sector

    Competitive Online Sector ImageIt’s the first big stumbling block for every excited entrepreneur and SME: how do you compete with a large multinational spending millions on SEO and Advertising. Internet success stories have led to many major organisations investing in online activity meaning achieving success has become more difficult but is still achievable.

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  • Andy Williams
    The Ultimate List of Local SEO Resources

    Local PointersIn 2011 I put together a list of 21 Local SEO resources to help those out who were looking to gain a better presence locally in Google. Since then Local SEO has become a highly important element of digital marketing.

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  • James Challis
    Tips For Getting Started With A New SEO Client

    New SEO ClientsA new client can provide a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your full expertise in Search and lead to the exciting prospect of transforming a website into a commercial success. To make this happen it is vital to get your SEO strategy right from the start.

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