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  • Samantha Noble
    Koozai and BrightonSEO go to the Dogs!

    Brighton SEO goes to the dogsLast night, Ben and I headed down to the dog racing for the BrightonSEO Christmas Party which was organised by Kelvin Newman from Site Visibility and was sponsored by the lovely guys at SearchMetrics.

    It was such a good night and very nice to see everyone before the Christmas break.

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  • John Waghorn
    Google Update Product Search Feature in Time for Mega Monday

    Yesterday was Mega Monday, the biggest Internet shopping day in the calendar this year, when people all over the UK headed online to spend their money on Christmas presents and gifts in time for the 25th of December. Knowing that there was going to be a major spend for online consumers, not just in the UK but also in America, where it is known as Cyber Monday, Google updated their Product Search page to include more relevant information for those shopping and searching for the best deals.

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  • Dean Marsden
    Opinion: Many UK Retailers Not Converting The Black Friday Sales Hype

    Black Friday On ‘Black Friday’ I saw a mass of hype on the Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday deals across the web. It wasn’t just from the US blogs and news websites, but from the leading UK ones too. So what’s wrong with that? Well if you try to actually find the deals it becomes apparent that the majority of them are not that visible and do not live up to the hype.

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  • James Perrin
    The Content Strategy Forum 2011 - Day 2

    If day one of the CS Forum provided me with a deeper understanding of content strategy and useful takeaways [See: The Content Strategy Forum - Day One] then day two gave me so much more. I was able to discover content strategy tips from the very best people practising this discipline.

    From easy to use success metrics to analysing your content using analytics and from strategies for the social web to effective video content, I listened to compelling talks, something that should be shared to the wider community. One of the key takeaways from the Forum, as advocated by Melissa Rach is that our competitive advantage comes when we share…so share I will…
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  • James Perrin
    The Content Strategy Forum 2011 - Day One

    Having just spent the last two days amongst some of the most interesting, intelligent and forward thinking individuals, I’ve come to appreciate a greater understanding of what exactly content strategy is all about.

    What I’m most interested in is how it can relate the world I work in. I’m a copywriter and I write onsite and offsite content, that’s a strategy in itself, but am I going to establish another strategy, something more relevant to SEO and how it can drive traffic? Well that was my intention, but I got a whole lot more than that…thanks to my employers, I’ve come across something much larger than my initial pursuit for what helps drive traffic.
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  • Anna Lewis
    Google Updates Image Traffic Medium in Google Analytics

    Image search in analytics In another update by Google this week, they have surreptitiously changed the way that traffic from image search is reported. Part way through the month, with no explanation or warning, visits to your site from Google Images are now being reported under the medium of Search Engines, when before they were classed as Referrals.

    This update is likely to affect your reporting if you have a number of visits from image searches, so you will need to take this into account when looking at your recent data and making any comparisons.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Is Google Really Making Us Forgetful?

    It was reported earlier in the week that psychologists at Columbia University had found that using Google (and search engines in general) is impacting the way we remember information [see: How Google Impacts Our Memory | Search Engine Watch]. As searchers we have become adept at remembering sources, but it appears we’re less successful when it comes to storing the things we are actually looking for.

    This could of course be quite a damaging study, particularly as more people across the world get online and inevitably gravitate towards search engines. However, by and large, I’m reasonably sure it will be forgotten.
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  • James Perrin
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics – July 11

    In the UK, Google were the overwhelming winners this month with a relatively large gain in search volume compared to previous months. Across the pond, the same can’t be said as the market stagnated, with Microsoft’s Bing seeing a very small increase this month.

    According to figures from Hitwise, the month on month search engine market share figures for the UK makes very interesting reading. It was only a couple of months ago that Google’s grip on the market appeared to be loosening (if only slightly), with Bing being the captors of any lost ground. However this trend didn’t continue for long and Google had started to see normality being restored.
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  • Stephen Logan
    The True Cost of Typos for Online Businesses

    Jumble of lettersMistakes are a part of being human. Even as a writer, there are occasions when the brain freezes a little and spelling or grammar goes a little awry. In fact if you read enough of my blogs, you’ve probably seen a fair few examples. But just how costly could a typo really be?

    Well, a study by the BBC shows that simple spelling mistakes could be very costly indeed. In fact, it has been estimated that online businesses are missing out on millions of pounds (cumulatively, not individually of course) worth of revenue each year, simply because of lexical clumsiness.
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