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  • Anna Lewis
    Google Updates Image Traffic Medium in Google Analytics

    Image search in analytics In another update by Google this week, they have surreptitiously changed the way that traffic from image search is reported. Part way through the month, with no explanation or warning, visits to your site from Google Images are now being reported under the medium of Search Engines, when before they were classed as Referrals.

    This update is likely to affect your reporting if you have a number of visits from image searches, so you will need to take this into account when looking at your recent data and making any comparisons.

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  • Mike Essex
    The eCommerce Directive, the Digital Single Market and mCommerce

    Westminster eForumOn the 7th June 2011 the Westminster eForum held a seminar on ‘The eCommerce Directive and the Digital Single Market’. The eCommerce directive governs the usage of the Internet and businesses selling on it, whilst the concept of a digital single market is one where any company can sell anywhere easily. The seminar bought together policy makers, government officials and the likes of Dell, Yahoo, MasterCard and PayPal to discuss the issues. We share the best parts of the day.

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  • Andy Williams

    Informing the search engines of your location is such an important element of Local Search. It sounds obvious, but this can often be totally overlooked. Companies can take it for granted that people know where they are located and therefore so will the search engines.

    But life isn’t that easy and unless you tell search engines where you are you’ll be relying on external links from other sites to provide them with this information, which is fine for improving your Google Places ranking but when you want your actual site to rank locally then you need to give Google a helping hand. Read more

  • James Perrin

    As the dust begins to settle from Google’s latest algorithm bombshell – we’re beginning to see a clearer picture of the damage caused and why. Whilst it’s too early to conclude the absolute affects, the inevitable consequence of sites losing rankings due to poor content, is that those with decent on-site copy should prosper.

    Sites that have been reportedly affected are those that contain low quality content including article sites, hubs and scraped blogs [See: Google Algorithm Update: Quality Content is King]. Whilst on the face of it this sounds like bad news, there’s no reason why you can’t turn this update in your favour; particularly if you’re prepared to invest in your on-page content.
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  • Stephen Logan

    The figures are still adding up for Yahoo (just about), but decent profits can’t mask underlying issues following the search company’s fourth quarter figures.

    As with the third quarter report, the latest figures on Yahoo’s financial state are a mixed bag. Whilst the company managed to pocket a respectable profit of $312million, revenue slumped to a meagre $1.2billion [see: Yahoo sales slide as rivals gain ground | FT].

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  • Stephen Logan
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics - March 2010

    Bing make up some ground in the US, whilst Google achieve near domination of UK search volume, reaching 90%in the latest search engine market share statistics.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics - November 2009

    Each month the statistics for search engine usage are published for the world to digest and reflect upon. Whilst the numbers may only marginally fluctuate from month to month, the outright leader always remains the same – Google.

    Internationally Google dominates search. According to the latest figures, supplied by ComScore, they have secured almost two thirds of the US market, weighing in with 65.4% of the combined 13.8 billion unique searches. Yahoo achieved only a quarter of that, with a diminished share of 18% whilst a resurgent Bing fell just short of double figures with 9.9%. The rest, which includes AOL and Ask, account for the remaining 6.70%.
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  • Stephen Logan
    Google Squared Changes the look of Conventional Search

    Google have finally unveiled Squared, their intelligent spreadsheet style search results. As reported last month in the blog article ‘Google Reveals Fresh Innovations at Searchology’, Google Squared is just one of many new features to have been incorporated over the past month or so.

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