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  • Lucy Griffiths

    Google have now just launched a ‘fun’ quiz aimed at Webmasters.

    If you are responsible for a website, have an interest in SEO or just simply want to know a bit more about what Google look for, this 40 question quiz should help.

    Just make sure you follow the instructions at the end to save or print at the end before pressing submit. It has been known for individuals not to do this, lose their data and have to repeat the test in its entirety…

    Take the Google Webmaster Quiz Online

  • Stephen Logan

    Microsoft Advertising and research agency Synovate have joined forces to create a definitive study of young adult’s online activities titled Young Adults Revealed.

    12,000 people aged between 18 and 24 from across the globe were asked about how they used the Internet, covering everything from viral advertising to social media usage, helping to unearth  some interesting and surprising results. Read more

  • Lucy Griffiths
    Google SearchWiki Expands Personalised Search Results

    As discussed in one of my posts from last week – Personalised Search Rankings and SEO Success – the personalisation of search results means that now, more than ever, you need to focus on more than just your search position in the major search engines. Read more

  • Harry Gardiner
    New Year, New Challenges 2014: Meeting The Next Wave Of Digital Marketers

    Southampton Solent UniversityAs the title of this blog post suggests, the New Year brings with it whole new challenges. For some it’s losing weight, getting fit, or learning a new language. For many students in their last year of university, it’s finding the time to secure a career (or even simply work experience) whilst still focussing on completing their work.

    Read more

  • John Waghorn
    Bing Incorporate Social Results to Improve Search

    Microsoft search engine Bing has revealed phase two of its major revamp as they look to increase market share by integrating social tools on their search pages.The update features new social tools which will be added to the right hand side of results pages to display user mentions and ratings from your social connections.

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  • Andy Williams
    Google's Venice Update and Local SEO

    Google LogoGoogle’s Venice update in February brought about 40 algorithm changes – a number of which have sparked a few debates.

    Read more

  • Stephen Logan
    Is Google Attempting to be too Clever with its SERPs?

    This is an open letter to all search engines regarding the results provided. Sometimes, all I want is a simple answer to a simple question. However, if I’m using Google, more often than not I want them to deliver a site that can deliver the required response.

    Google though is starting to act like the smart kid in class. It always has his or her hand up before the teacher has even finished the question, primed to provide an elaborate response. That’s great for basic queries, which they generally get right, but the longer the search phrase is, the more it appears to struggle.

    Read more

  • Stephen Logan
    What Should New and Future Search Engines Offer?

    Google is often accused of monopolising the search market. Despite this, new start-ups are consistently trying to get a piece of the action. Some are determined to topple the big boys, whilst others are happy to attract a niche audience. However, as we invariably reach saturation point, what do new search engines need to offer in order to succeed?

    Cuil is often cited as a classic example of a search engine trying to do too much too soon. Developed by Googlers, it got huge funding and employed extensive marketing to ensure the whole world knew about it. Sadly, Cuil just wasn’t different or good enough to succeed, resulting in its closure in 2010 – just two years after being launched.

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  • Arnold Ma
    How Not to Buy Links Like Google – Plus Link Buying Facts and Myths

    Notes“Fate. It seems, is not without a sense of irony.” My last post had a huge section on Google’s efforts to combat poorly constructed, spammy and thin content. Last week, Aaron Wall of SEO Book exposed Google doing the opposite of what they are actively and public against. Google hired a digital agency, Essence, that initiated a marketing campaign which generated a lot of poorly written paid blog posts promoting the Chrome product, at least one of the posts were found containing followed backlink to the Google Chrome page.

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  • James Perrin
    Search Engine Market Share Statistics - 2011 in Review

    2011 represented a year of change, contrast and, in some cases, continuity for search engines in both the US and UK markets. It was a bumpy ride for most, with many experiencing optimistic highs and worrying lows at some point throughout the year.

    Yet the clearest indication of how well they performed is to analyse their percentage changes from the start of 2011 to the end. Whilst some of the statistics were to predictable, some are actually quite surprising, representing new opportunities and challenges for the year ahead.
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  • Dean Marsden
    Opinion: Many UK Retailers Not Converting The Black Friday Sales Hype

    Black Friday On ‘Black Friday’ I saw a mass of hype on the Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday deals across the web. It wasn’t just from the US blogs and news websites, but from the leading UK ones too. So what’s wrong with that? Well if you try to actually find the deals it becomes apparent that the majority of them are not that visible and do not live up to the hype.

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