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How To Add A User To Google Tag Manager

SEO Blog, SEO Blog, SEO Resources 24th Feb 2021

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi, it’s Gary here from Koozai and today I’m just gonna walk you through adding a user into your Google Tag Manager account. So first, you need to navigate to your Tag Manager account and go to the Admin section. So it’s got a sample account here and you click on User Management and you’ll see just one email in there at the moment. But to add another, you just click on the blue plus up here and add user. And I’ll just add my work email address to how to do it and that’ll come up. And I’ll just make it an admin as well. Now, for this, there is container permissions as well, which can trip some people up because if I was to add this now, I will see, I’ll gain access but I won’t be able to change anything. So if you go to your container permissions, you can see here you want to make it so I can actually edit. You can publish containers as well. So I’ll tick all those, click Done. Click Invite and you’ll see this refreshes and there’s a notification come through, saying I’ve just got access. So I just switch over to my account here. And once it refreshes, it will show, there we go, the account. Because I’ve already done this before, and then I’m rerouting it but if it’s your first time doing it, you’ll get a little box just above here saying you’ve got a limitation, so just go in and accept it. So yeah, it’s as simple as that really. If you skip over the section where I’ll just show with the container permissions, you can edit that from within here. So if you hadn’t ticked those boxes, you wouldn’t be able to see Submit but if you go to Admin within the email which you’ve just been given access to, you can see your user management here and then just click on it and again, I can see my container permissions. And if I hadn’t ticked them off before I added me as the user, it would look just like that. So sometimes you get permission but you can’t actually do anything, so you just need to enable edit, approve and publish permissions and then just save and then you’ll be good to go. So you can go back to your workspace and you can see all your tags, triggers, variables and preview and submit up there. And that’s all there is to it. Thanks.

Gary Hainsworth

Senior Organic Data Specialist

If you're after someone to chat guitars with, Gary's your man. When he isn't playing guitar, or bass, he's trying his hand at modifying them. He's even made one from scratch once. He relates strongly with the humble and kind hedgehog, who also happen to be as prickly as his musical taste; anything loud, fast and angry.

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